One Size Doesn’t Fit All (Silver)

One Size Doesn’t Fit All (Silver)


You are here for a reason, lack of confidence, self-doubt? directionless? 


This is where your job search stops!

one-on-one personalized LIVE consulting!


Why are we different?

Career professionals who have taken courses with our competitors including the outplacement, employment services, and bridging program come to us for help.


You will be mentored by a Hiring manager, Sweta Regmi who is a Top Job Search Experts to follow on LinkedIn named by jobscan


You will learn how to market yourself with the help of previous award-winning sales coach 


Click here for success stories, Don't take our words for it!


You get results EVEN IF you have NO CANADIAN EXPERIENCE.

👉Kriti & Bharat (newcomer) "I landed 3 job offers and got hired in 20 days this is so unreal". Negotiated & switched again twice to the dream company in 14 months with 42% salary jump in pandemic"

Hear these newcomers to Canada who got the jobs and switched during pandemic with negotiation skills during COVID-19.


👉Mae newcomer "Hiring Sweta as a Career Coach was one the best decisions I have made. Teachndo courses are definitely impactful and deliver results. Highly recommended"  landed a role in the top bank within 10 hours of coaching.

Laid off?
👉Feaz, P.Eng, the hiring manager in Canada worked in Fortune 500 ditched renowned outplacement offered on his severance & hired us after his 3rd lay-off. He had taken services with our competitors in the past. In his own words, "they don't teach what you teach." "I am a tech-savvy & quick learner but this new approach is hands down" He bounced back within 1 week!

Check his interview here  




  • The Resume that will get interviews
  • Interviews that will get you multiple job offers
  • Being a driver in a job search with branding



One Size Doesn't Fit All (Silver) package: 4 weeks+ 

1:1 LIVE personalized consulting because One Size Doesn't Fit All, HECK NO!


  • Resume Review to assess your gap and customize the course for you!
  • Marketing plan, SWOT Analysis, step by step guide, template included
  • Learn RICH model for NICHE
  • Personality test, employers use the similar testing to hire you for the fit, you get to practice
  • Resume course (please The Bot & Eyes in 10secs), art of writing a resume with no fluffy content
  • Application tracking system (ATS) friendly, easier to parse template that made to top companies
  • The Cover letter with the story, includes an editable word template and 9 + samples
  • ATS checklist,  with current tools and resources you get to keep 
  • Interview preparation coaching, real-world questions based on your industry
  • LinkedIn SEO, we show and teach using back-end tools used by employers
  • LinkedIn branding, how to get employers on your profile. Taught by someone whose contents are viewed by millionsGets invited as a guest speaker by experts and media!
  • Effective Networking technique using real scenarios with pre-done scripts (20+pages).
  • Access the hidden job market with our proven techniques 
  • We show you to get into the preferred candidate's list because only 2% land the role with an online application!
  • Value-added proposition (VAP) presentation 
  • Interview Preparation coaching, behavior (STAR format), or role-play presentation (includes over 100 questions and direction 33 pages)
  • Interview follow-up and thank you note (samples included)
  • Salary negotiation role-play with pre-done samples
  • 9 e-books used during training (total value over $500)
  • Review support after each session 
  • Ongoing monitoring and mentoring support if you ever need to clarify things 
  • The recording included for Interview coaching 
  • 10+hours sessions broken into 4 weeks+, We don't nickel & dime, if it takes more than that so be it! 
  • Job search planner templates, tools, videos, and resources (over 10+)
  •  Provide job leads from our networks for free!
  • Unlimited access until 5 weeks


We don’t have a Facebook private group coaching session

You will be assigned a consultant from start to finish!


No modules & pre-recorded sessions, all LIVE one-on-one with personalized coaching!


The total value of over $10K!


Our tested model works even if you have no Canadian experience, no confidence to network as an introvert, never written a single post on LinkedIn, laid-off, and have no idea how to go back to the workforce.


Who should take this course?


Newcomers landed in Canada or planning to land soon with PR.


The course is taught by someone who has hired newcomers in top companies. The hiring manager who worked in the global fortune 500 companies for 13 years, now turned into your coach!


Career professionals who are laid-off due to Covid.


The course is taught by someone who was laid-off and got multiple offers with the same job search framework.


Career professionals who want to switch and go where they are celebrated with more $$


One Size doesn’t Fit All at all, you are unique, you need customized advice and private sessions, we need to see real you!


Have you ever seen a doctor treating patients in a group?


Group’s non-customized & recorded sessions are not catered to your specific problem. 


Prices vary for senior role & leadership!