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Career strategy identifying YOUR pains customized to your needs.

Sweta Regmi, Founder & CEO, Career Consultant Canada on CBC National News
Sweta Regmi, Founder and CEO, Career Consultant in Canada, interview with global news
Sweta Regmi, CEO Teachndo on CNBC

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Sweta Regmi, Founder & CEO, Career Consultant, Guest Speaker in CTV News
Sweta Regmi, Founder and CEO, Career Consultant, Teachndo on windsor StarThe_Globe_and_Mai
Sweta Regmi, CEO, Founder, TeachndoCareer Consultant in Canada in Financial Post
Featured in Daily Mail News, Sweta Regmi, Founder and CEO, Teachndo, Top Career Expert in
Sweta Regmi, CEO Teachndo, Career Expert on Forbes
Sweta Regmi, Certified Career Strategist, Canada

I've walked the path you're on.


Hi, I'm Sweta, recognized today as a career expert. But a few years ago, I found myself in a very different situation. Do you feel trapped in a cycle of missed opportunities, especially when English isn't your first language?  It's a common struggle, one that I intimately understand. English wasn't my first language, and my communication skills weren't the best. Imagine feeling like you're perfect for a job, but no one notices. You look around and see people in top positions who aren't any better than you. It's frustrating to keep proving yourself and still get told 'not yet' or even ignored.

Now, think about being paid less than others who do the same job, feeling like you can't speak up for yourself. Even if you do get promoted, it feels like more work without more pay. I've been through all of this. So if you're nodding along because you've experienced similar frustrations in your job search or a career, know that you're not alone.

Even though I didn't have many connections or fancy degrees, I made it. I started with basic jobs as an immigrant and ended up getting nine promotions in 12 years, leading teams in big companies.

But it wasn't easy. Now, I'm here to help you break free from feeling stuck and overlooked. You don't have to keep doubting yourself. You deserve success, and I can show you the path with proven steps that have yielded results for both myself and numerous clients.

Sweta Regmi Top Career Expert in Canadafeatured on Fox 26 News
Sweta Regmi,Founder & CEO of Teachndo, Career Consultant, Canada featured in Rogers media,
Sweta Regmi, CEO Teachndo, Career Expert  on Wall Street Journal
Sweta Regmi, CEO Teachndo, Career Expert on HuffPost
Sweta Regmi, Certified career strategist Sweta Regmi, CEO of career consultancy Teachndo,
Sweta Regmi, Career Expert in Canada featured on LinkedIn News, LinkedIn Top Voice
Sweta Regmi, CEO Teachndo, Career Expert
Certified Resume Strategist- CRS,  Sweta Regmi, Career Consultant, Resume Writer Canada
Sweta Regmi, Founder & CEO, Teachndo Certified Career and Resume writer, Canada, Top Job s
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