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become the one-person market in your industry, attracting the right employers effortlessly.

 Master strategies to dominate hiring managers' minds, sell your talent seamlessly, and secure offers every time – without large networks or costly credentials. 

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Sweta Regmi, Career Expert. Teachndo

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  1. The psychology behind what makes you irresistible and how you can apply it to your personal brand.

  2. How to craft a magnetic personal brand that stands out and captivates employers.

  3. Strategies for positioning yourself as the top choice candidate in your field.

  4. Techniques for leveraging social proof and credibility to land dream jobs.

  5. The power of storytelling in your job search and how to harness it effectively.

  6. Practical tips for networking effectively and expanding your career opportunities 

  7. And much more!

Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your career and become an undeniable superstar in your industry. Register now to secure your spot and embark on the journey to becoming a career icon!

Get ready to unlock doors you never thought was possible!

April 3 - Day 1 • Wednesday @ 12pm EST  • Resume & Marketing Plan 

  3 top mistakes in a Resume to gain a deeper understanding of who gets interviews. 

As a valued participant, you will be given a workbook when you attend live. 


 Sneak a peek at our upcoming course, "One Size Doesn't Fit All Career Strategy."

This comprehensive program is designed specifically for 6 figures career,  providing advanced strategies, invaluable resources, and personalized coaching to propel your career to new heights. 

Speakers-Past Clients 

Testimonial Teachndo

Rishi. PMP
Project Consultant

Mutiple offers with 6 figure as a newcomer within months.

Testimonial for Sweta Regmi for career coaching  in Canada

Rey, CPA

Headhunted for the remote role with a 50%+ salary hike. 

Testimonial  for Teachndo career services for immigrant in Canada

Finance Manager 

From 0 interviews to 6 figure career as a newcomer in Canada 

Testimonial for Sweta Regmi, Teachndo, Career and Resume services

Business Analyst 

From 0 interviews to landing in top company despite of career change 

Stories of transformation...

Client testimonial for Sweta Regmi, Career Consultant

Isra, CIPD
HR Manager

Hired at Amazon after Layoff.

Testimonials for Teachndo

Feaz P.Eng
Manufacturing Excellence Manager

Ex GE, Laid off 3 times and bounced back.

Career Coaching Executive Teachndo


Newcomer was headhunted on LinkedIn

Teachndo Testimonial


From self-doubt as a newcomer to offers in 20 days, headhunted with 45%+ salary, became a job shopper!

Teachndo Testimonial B

Bharat, CA 
Senior Manager, Finance Accounting  

Promoted to the leadership role, 6 Figure Career 

Testimonial Teachndo

Business Intelligence  

Recent Grad went from co-op to landing offer and now in Government Role and a Professor 

Testimonial Teachndo

Senior Manager

Promoted, Pivoted & Changed Career 

Testimonial Teachndo

Zayd, EIT
Project Specialist 

From survival jobs to offers and promotion with 47% salary increase 

Testimonial Teachndo

Souganthika, CFA, CPA, CGA
Senior Auditor 

0 interviews as a newcomer in Canada  to landing first job in Deloitte 

Our Results 

5 star ratings from clients

98% landed targeted role in 10-60 days 

$1.5 Million + in salary increases 

Created Job Shoppers 

2 to 4 times promotion within 2-3 years

Clients featured in top media with a success story 

Clients hired in top companies in 40+ industries. 

Hi, I'm sweta 

I am living proof that success is not reserved for those with large networks or expensive credentials.  I managed to go from absolute nobody with zero connections to working for top companies, earning nine promotions within 12 years leading teams over a decade.  Interestingly, no one ever asked me about my degree or credentials—they just saw my ability to get the job done.

My journey is mirrored in the stories of my clients, who have achieved similar success through my One Size Doesn't Fit All Career Strategy. Together, we've shattered the notion that a dream career is only attainable through extensive networks or costly upgrades. Instead, we've proven that it's possible to land high-paying roles through strategic online applications and personalized career branding.

Drawing from my own experiences, I created the One Size Doesn't Fit All Career Strategy to empower others like me to seize control of their careers and find success.

 I've been honored to share my insights as a globally recognized career expert. You may have seen my contributions featured in prominent national news outlets such as CBC, Global, CNBC, WSJ, HuffPost, Forbes, and numerous others.

If I can overcome self-doubt as an immigrant with an accent, I am confident that you can too. 

I legit can't wait to share with you the secret mind hacks I have used to take thousands of people from being lost & frazzled to being awesome...all through the power of branding.

Sweta Regmi, CEO Teachndo, Career Expert_ Interview Coach
Sweta Regmi, Founder & CEO, Teachndo Certified Career and Resume writer, Canada, Top Job s
Sweta Regmi, Career Expert in Canada, LinkedIn Top Voice in Career Development Coaching, Job Search Strategies, Int
Sweta Regmi LinkedIn Top Voice in Career
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