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Sweta Regmi, Certfied  Career and Resume Strategist,  Founder & CEO, Teachndo, Book appoin
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Client Testimonials for Teachndo


Is this you? 

Immigrant in Canada / Mid-level professionals / Laid-off / Want to go where you are celebrated

You are qualified but nobody is giving you a chance?

No Canadian experience rejection?

You are told to start from ground 0/ downgrade

You have upgraded, and taken courses, and certifications.

You keep hearing "We decided to go with someone else". ​

You want to go where you are celebrated but you are seen as a job hopper/ quitter.

You are overlooked for a career promotion? 

Are you tired of applying for jobs and not getting hired?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our One Size Doesn't Fit All, career strategy is the only strategy you'll ever need to get hired.


Your Resume attracts interviews.

High-paying offers with conversational interview preparation.

You have job offers with the liberty of choosing. 


You have email/ LinkedIn messages from Recruiters.

Testimonial Sweta Regmi,Resume services
3 offers job offers
Amazon-HR leadership interview passed with interview coaching by Sweta Regmi


Rishi S, Project Manager

"I just cannot stress enough about how good Sweta is at what she does. I would highly recommend newcomers struggling to find their way in Canada to work with Sweta and take her guidance as a career expert. I applied all the techniques that she taught me. Thank you so so much Sweta! I followed her tips and guidance and damn! I got into a six-figure role within one year of moving to Canada! This is something I really dreamt of, and it has become a reality all thanks to you."  

Teachndo, Featured in CBC.

A client who took free funded employment bridging services said " it was a waste of time" read more here. 

Testimonial for Sweta Regmi, Teachndo, Career and Resume services



Soumya, a Business Analyst went to employment services too before hiring me. 

"Sweta is an exceptional Career Consultant. The level of targeted practical advice she offers is extremely valuable. She always has suggestions that are on point. Spot on with her advice on using LinkedIn, networking and interviewing, found it highly informative. She understands how to leverage LinkedIn better than anyone I have met. She offers great insights to help her clients. Sweta genuinely cares about ensuring her client's success." 

Testimonial Teachndo, Resume Services



Tarmo, Deputy Chief, Executive

"There are few people I have met that provide the value with the way that Sweta does. I am so grateful for all of the help.The end product was new and improved me. Someone who was now willing to take chances with people and connect like never before. Sweta provided coaching and cheerleading all the while making me look much better on paper - I dare say great which is true; however, in this case, it was Sweta that created the value that led from “good to great.” 

Career Coaching Executive, Testimonial Teachndo, Resume Services Canada, Career Coaching



Mayukh, Director 

"Sweta is an outstanding mentor in the field of career consulting. I learnt valuable lessons regarding resume tailoring, cover letter writing and interviewing for job applications. Sweta is highly knowledgeable and speaks from her own rich and varied experience. I now feel much more confident while applying to jobs online through LinkedIn or other portals. Glad I attended her programme, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for quality guidance regarding job search and interviewing." 



Feaz, P.Eng, Manager, hired me after his 3rd layoff.  

I chose to work with Teachndo over bigger name outplacement as there was a personal touch and more value provided. Sweta's group works with you on a personal level to target skills and content to better land you an interview. Her full package offers much, and I would recommend it. She is passionate about what she does and has the experience that is relatable.As well, I appreciated her availability as required and I continue to stay in touch. The work resulted in an offer I accepted.



Vishnu, PMP, Project Manager hired another coach before me but hired me after not getting results. 

"Sweta taught me how to leverage the niche in my profile to maximize visibility to recruiters. My resume became more structured, and it started getting more recruiter calls and interviews. I had a couple of offers to choose from. Sweta is a taskmaster and at the same time fun to work with. I would definitely recommend her coaching services to all those who are looking for their next career move." 

Harsh, Business Intelligence Lead 

“Job searching is never easy to process, but then you have mentors like Sweta who can guide and help you to land your dream roles. The strategies and coaching Sweta provides in her company are quite exceptional as she treats each individual profile differently. All the suggestion and tips she provides makes you stand differently from the crowd. I really recommend Sweta and her company to anyone who is looking for the right mentors during their job search process. Got Government job offers. "

Harsh Testimonials for Sweta Regmi .

Reywant, CPA 

“The One Size Doesn't Fit All career course with Sweta has been a game-changer for my career.

After completing the course, I learned how to structure my resume to get interview calls.  I started getting interviews and offers from top employers which converted into offers. I used a similar strategy for my promotion too. I cannot recommend the One Size Doesn't Fit All course and Sweta enough. She is a knowledgeable and experienced consultant who truly cares. Thanks to her, I am now living the Canadian dream.”

Testimonial for Certified Career and Resume Writer, Sweta Regmi, Teachndo, Career Services

Noyo, AMl


 “As an immigrant, I was struggling to get my foot in the door and was constantly getting rejected. With Sweta's strategy I got into the banking field and got promoted multiple times.  With Sweta's guidance throughout my career. Canadian dream is possible without upgrading with certifications and I am in a job where my talent is truly celebrated. One Size Doesn't Fit All is about career investment”

Noyo Testimonial for Certified Career and Resume Writer, Sweta Regmi, Teachndo, Career Services


My name is sweta regmi, certified career and resume strategist 

I know firsthand the challenges that qualified immigrants face in the Canadian job market. I have walked in your shoes and know what it takes to succeed.  As an immigrant myself, I started from ground zero and worked my way up to success, earning nine promotions within 12 years. I also know the hardships of being laid off and quitting from where you are not celebrated. That's why I created One Size Doesn't Fit All, a course that teaches immigrants to take control of their careers and go where they are celebrated without being a cultural fit. Your name and accent are your identities. I am a globally recognized career expert, and one of the top 25 Job Search Experts on LinkedIn to follow. You might have seen my insights in national news and over 100+ media

Read my story 

Certified Career  and Resume Strategist, Top Job search Coach in Canada, Sweta Regmi
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Sweta Regmi in the Media
Sweta Regmi , Founder and CEO, Teachndo, Career Expert  Canada LinkedIn Top Voice Interview

 Career & Job Search Strategy

One Size Doesn't Fit All!

6 hours - 6 weeks - live 1:1 session - 6 months of mentoring!

Kriti, Property accountant, "I landed 3 job offers and got hired in 20 days this is so unreal". Negotiated & switched again twice to the dream company in 14 months with a 42% salary jump in a pandemic"

Shadab, AVP, Internal Audit, AML "I have collaborated with Sweta for her services, and she is a perfectionist, keeps the minutest detail of information to leverage your career goals and helps the best she can. She goes beyond her commitment to giving add-ons wherever she can and helping you. I would definitely recommend her for their services as a career coach and mentor."

Samitaa, Instructional designer, "If you are someone who is finding it difficult to navigate your career in this new country, Sweta Regmi is the name you need to get in touch with. I would define her as a "Professional with a heart of gold". She attacks all those points which, you think, you are doing right but as per the recruitment system, are completely wrong. Her hand-holding approach is commendable. Look at it as a long-term investment!"

R Project Consultant, "I worked with Sweta when I was a newcomer to Canada, and she really turned things around for me. I just cannot stress enough how good Sweta is at what she does. She is highly experienced and qualified, and she has a very well-researched curriculum for newcomers in Canada. She analyzed my profile and taught me everything that was required to get hired. I worked with her and found not just a mentor and a guide in her but also a good friend. She is very kind, supportive and accommodating in nature. I would highly recommend newcomers struggling to find their way in Canada to work with Sweta and take her guidance as a career expert."

Deepanshu, Senior Manager, "Sweta is a thorough professional and the best guide anyone could ever get for career coaching. She invests in her clients and helps them enhance their skills for the better. Always has a helpful attitude, making you believe in yourself and giving the right feedback. I believe everyone should have the guidance of a career coach since career coaching is an investment, not a weakness"

Siddhesh, Process Supervisor, "Sweta is an outstanding career consultant. I got the opportunity of participating in several one-on-one sessions with her. I would highly recommend all job seekers to take the advantage of TEACHNDO services. I had the pleasure of attending the 'ONE SIZE DOESN'T FIT' class by Sweta where I learnt valuable lessons about Job search strategy, Marking Plan, Resume Tailoring, Cover letter writing, LinkedIn Profile touches up and Job interview skills. Now, I feel more confident while applying for a job online through LinkedIn. She is very professional and helpful. Earlier I used to get frustrated after applying for a job and getting no response from the employer, not even a negative response. After attending her classes, I learnt more about Networking Techniques which helped me to get connected with the hiring manager. If you really want to improve your job search strategies then without wasting your valuable time, book with SWETA."

Shiv, QA, "I would highly recommend Sweta to everyone.  She taught me how to make an impressive resume with new techniques. She is professional, helpful and very well-experienced in her field. It was worth taking her course."

Ajit, Data Analyst, "I had the pleasure of learning from Sweta who my mentor was. I was one of her clients who was frustrated from applying to jobs and getting no response. She taught me the finer way to write a resume. What really impressed me most about Sweta is just how polished she is when teaching the process of job search and motivating her clients. I feel that I have improved a lot in my job search strategies with her guidance. It's without hesitation that I recommend Sweta if you're looking for the best coach for a job search."

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Course Includes..

6 1:1 session-6 months mentoring

Marketing Plan E-Book

7 Cs of Career Strategy

 RICH & SWOT Strategy with 7 steps of marketing plan.

Personal Branding E-Book

7 Ps of Personal Branding 

From getting hired to passing probation & Strategy for 30-60-90 days plan. 

Please The Bot & Eyes In 10 Seconds E-Book

Resume Support

Have them at hello in 10 secs framework.

LinkedIn Optimization E-Book

LinkedIn SEO 

Optimize your linkedIn profile when recruiter search for talent. 

Interview Guide E-Book

Interview preparation 

Killer conversation using PARC, CAR, and CARL to get multiple offers. 

Effective Networking E-Book

Effective Networking

No more "can I pick your brain"  but still ending up on the preferred list & internal promotion

9 ebooks & more..

  1. Access to TIY Resume Course & ebook 

  2. Accomplishment Resume bullets story 

  3. 9+ Cover letter samples 

  4. 100+ Interview questions with samples 

  5. Personal branding content strategy

  6. LinkedIn SEO, Recruiters tools

  7. Networking and outreach messages 

  8. Salary negotiations scripts 

  9. Follow-up and Thank you letter samples 

  10. Job leads/contacts from our network

Templates & Resources

  1. The resume template that made to top companies 

  2. Cover letter template samples

  3. Job search planner 

  4. Target employer's checklist 

  5. LinkedIn backend recruiting tools tips

  6. Job leads/Career fair from our network 

  7. SWOT Analysis 

  8. Personality tests

  9. Mentoring and accountability support until you land a role!

  10. 30-60-90 days accountability 

Our clients have busted the job search myths!

Immigrants must work survival jobs (False)

career break after a layoff is your fault (false)

Going where you are celebrated is seen as a quitter (False)


80%-90% of jobs are hidden & never posted (false)

The online Job application doesn't work (false) 

Don't let the job search myths hold you back any longer. Join our One Size Doesn't Fit All course and start busting the myths and taking control of your career today.

Sign up now and start on the path to success.

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Ishra, B, HR Manager, Amazon 

Client testimonial for Sweta Regmi, Career Consultant