Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure what you need help with?

If you are unsure which category you fall under or need to make an informed decision, please book appointment . We will assess what kind of services best fits your needs and customized as per your needs.

How long will it take to get my resume?

You’ll receive your finalized resume within one week after your phone consultation. If your dream job is only accepting applicants for the next few days, let us know, and we’ll set you up with a 24-hour turnaround for a reasonable additional fee.

Can I contact you even after the service is completed?

We believe in mentoring and monitoring your job search journey. We want to hear about your job search on an ongoing basis. Our relationship doesn’t end with the service. Call your assigned consultant or email them anytime. Your feedback is crucial to improve the process we have in place.

Are you available after business hours and weekends?

We serve clients from all over the world and accommodate evening and weekend appointment requests as needed. feel free to contact us through appointment calendar

How do the sessions work?

Our sessions are online, phone, or person (based on the location). Our main office is located in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Do you accept any other payment other than PayPal and credit cards?

Yes, we will accept email money transfer from our clients in Canada. Please make an arrangement with your consultant. Email money transfer to under the business name.

Do you have a phone number for general inquiries?

Please send an email to for general inquiries. If you want a consultation, please contact us. We will assign a consultant to be in touch with you. Once you sign up with us, you will be provided with a personal cell phone number that belongs to your consultant. We believe in personalized services.

Are fees refundable?

Fees are nonrefundable as our sessions are customized. Click here for services.

What is your success ratio?

We have a 95% success ratio. Individuals who follow our guidelines and stay active will get results within a year. Results may vary based on your effort and situation. We are there to mentor you until you land the role. Once you sign up with us, we will monitor progress and send you updated materials to ensure you are reading up to date material.

Are E-books included in individual courses?

Few courses include E-books. You can buy the E-books separately. Job search strategy package includes all the E-books- the value of E-books are over $500

How does the review work after the session?

Most of our course offers a onetime review after the online session for free. The silver package offers reviews for free for a limited period of time. It is based on the assessment Gold package offers unlimited reviews for a limited period of time. It is based on the assessment. We don’t offer advice related to immigration including how to move to Canada, get visas, and get job offers without PR. We provide a Job Search Strategy.

Do you help with recruiting/getting job offers by contacting employers?

No, we don't recruit or contact employers to get you job offers. We teach how to reach out to employers in networking class which equips you with networking tips.

Do you help immigrants to get a job offers from Canadian employers to get PR ?

No, we don't help anyone to get a job offers. We teach how to build Resume, LinkedIn profile, Interviews and many more to get job offers in Canada.

Do you help with Immigration?

No, we don't deal with immigration matter. Please contact licensed immigration consultant.

Who do you work with mostly?

We only work with selected career professionals who are an experienced Newcomer to Canada/Internationally trained professionals, laid-off, and want to go where you are celebrated by switching. If you are qualified but struggling to get job offers, you have come to the right place!