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Brand 6-figure Career With Limitless Promotions in Under 10 Weeks!

Even If You Feel Overlooked, Invisible, as an Outsider, Held Back Without a Posh Network or Costly Credentials.

Discover My Proven And Customized One Size Doesn't Fit All Program to Regain Confidence and Boost Your Income.

Hi, I'm Sweta

Certified Career Strategist, Canada, Sweta Regmi
Certified Resume Strategist

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Sweta Regmi, Founder & CEO, Career Consultant Canada on CBC National News
Sweta Regmi, Founder and CEO, Career Consultant in Canada, interview with global news
Sweta Regmi, CEO Teachndo on CNBC
Sweta Regmi, Founder & CEO, Career Consultant, Guest Speaker in CTV News
Sweta Regmi,Founder & CEO of Teachndo, Career Consultant, Canada featured in Rogers media,
Sweta Regmi Top Career Expert in Canadafeatured on Fox 26 News
Sweta Regmi, Career Expert in Canada featured on LinkedIn News, LinkedIn Top Voice
Sweta Regmi, CEO Teachndo, Career Expert on Forbes
Sweta Regmi, CEO Teachndo, Career Expert  on Wall Street Journal
Sweta Regmi, CEO Teachndo, Career Expert on HuffPost
Featured in Daily Mail News, Sweta Regmi, Founder and CEO, Teachndo, Top Career Expert in
Sweta Regmi, CEO, Founder, TeachndoCareer Consultant in Canada in Financial Post
Sweta Regmi, Founder and CEO, Career Consultant, Teachndo on windsor StarThe_Globe_and_Mai


Testimonial  for Teachndo career services for immigrant in Canada

​"By the 5th week, I landed a job. Not just an ordinary job but was offered a 6-figure salary and a bonus! This was way beyond my expectations!5 weeks or rather 5 hours with Sweta and I have got my confidence back. I highly recommend Sweta not only to newcomers but to everyone who wants to restart or grow in their careers!
Thank you Sweta! You’re awesome!"


—  Rajesh A , Finance Manager's story was featured in the news.

My Story 


Hello, I'm Sweta, the Founder and CEO of Teachndo

With teary eyes, my journey began with a leap of faith, moving across the country as an immigrant. At just 20 years old, I sought to build a career, trusting people in a new country despite the uncertainty and lack of networks and costly degrees. This marked the beginning of my resilience. 

I worked two survival jobs to save for the college tuition. I landed an entry-level role in a top bank and was promoted nine times in 12 years, eventually leading top teams. But then, in a one-minute phone call, I was laid off. Everything became foggy. I sold our house and moved to a remote area after receiving job offers with my small kids. The new job wasn't what I had expected; I wasn't the right fit for its toxicity, and I quit after a year via email. I then transitioned to a recruiting role and quit again, this time to make an impact based on my lived experience as a person of color and an immigrant with hope.  That’s when Teachndo was officially born. I discovered a path to make a real difference.


I'm committed to mentoring ambitious immigrant career professionals to get noticed and overcome self-doubt, biases, and discrimination by standing out with strong personal branding. During my consulting journey, I was noticed by top media outlets. I went from feeling insecure about my accent, as English is not my first language, to being named a top global career expert and appearing on national TV news and over 100 media platforms. The impact of my work has reached globally. If I can do this, I want to show other immigrants they can too.


My journey as a certified career and resume strategist is rooted in 15 years of hiring experience and a deep understanding of resilience and transformation. I am dedicated to guiding others through their career challenges, helping them build robust and fulfilling professional paths, and encouraging them to be the cultural add, not just the cultural fit. All my life, I tried to fit in by hiding who I was and where I came from, but now I embrace it fully with personal branding. 

Join me in rewriting the success stories of ambitious immigrant professionals through Teachndo, and let's navigate your career journey together. Let's chat here! 

Sweta Regmi, Founder & CEO, Teachndo Certified Career and Resume writer, Canada, Top Job s
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Sweta Regmi, Founder & CEO Teachndo is  nominated for the 31st annual RBC Canadian Women E
Sweta Regmi, Career Expert, Speaker, Amazon Best Seller
Sweta Regmi, Founder & CEO, Certfied Career Strategist, Personal Branding Expert Canada
Sweta Regmi, Career Coach, Top job search expert Canada
Sweta Regmi LinkedIn Top Voice in Career
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