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Sweta Regmi, Founder and CEO Teachndo, Career Coach Canada, Certfied Career and Resume Str

Hi, I'm Sweta, a Career and Personal Branding Strategist. 

Empowering Immigrants and Underrepresented Communities: Drive 6-Figure Careers with Limitless Promotions, Without Large Networks or Costly Credentials


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Sweta Regmi, Founder & CEO, Career Consultant Canada on CBC National News
Sweta Regmi, Founder and CEO, Career Consultant in Canada, interview with global news
Sweta Regmi, CEO Teachndo on CNBC
Sweta Regmi, Founder & CEO, Career Consultant, Guest Speaker in CTV News
Sweta Regmi,Founder & CEO of Teachndo, Career Consultant, Canada featured in Rogers media,
Sweta Regmi Top Career Expert in Canadafeatured on Fox 26 News
Sweta Regmi, Career Expert in Canada featured on LinkedIn News, LinkedIn Top Voice
Sweta Regmi, CEO Teachndo, Career Expert  on Wall Street Journal
Sweta Regmi, CEO Teachndo, Career Expert on HuffPost
Sweta Regmi, CEO Teachndo, Career Expert
Sweta Regmi, Certified career strategist Sweta Regmi, CEO of career consultancy Teachndo,
Sweta Regmi, CEO Teachndo, Career Expert on Forbes
Featured in Daily Mail News, Sweta Regmi, Founder and CEO, Teachndo, Top Career Expert in
Sweta Regmi, CEO, Founder, TeachndoCareer Consultant in Canada in Financial Post
Sweta Regmi, Founder and CEO, Career Consultant, Teachndo on windsor StarThe_Globe_and_Mai
Certified Career Strategist, Canada, Sweta Regmi
Certified Resume Strategist
Testimonial  for Teachndo career services for immigrant in Canada

​"By the 5th week, I landed a job. Not just an ordinary job but was offered a 6-figure salary and a bonus! This was way beyond my expectations!5 weeks or rather 5 hours with Sweta and I have got my confidence back. I highly recommend Sweta not only to newcomers but to everyone who wants to restart or grow in their careers!
Thank you Sweta! You’re awesome!"


—  Rajesh A , Finance Manager's story was featured in the news.

Hello, I'm Sweta, the Founder and CEO of Teachndo, dedicated to empowering immigrant and underrepresented professionals to thrive in their careers. With firsthand experience as an immigrant navigating the challenges of building a successful career in a new country, I understand the struggles of self-doubt and confidence.

Having worked as a hiring authority in leading Canadian companies, I've gained valuable insights into career progression and promotion. I've personally achieved 9 promotions in 12 years, and now, as a Certified Career and Résumé Strategist, I'm honored to be recognized as a top career and personal branding strategist.

My expertise lies in crafting powerful personal brands, preparing individuals for successful interviews, and developing strategic career promotion strategies. I'm committed to helping immigrant professionals achieve six-figure success without relying on extensive networks or costly credentials.


Gone are the days when success seemed like a distant dream, attainable only to those with elite networks or prestigious credentials. It's time to shatter the traditional career beliefs that have held you back. You don't need a vast network or fancy credentials to land your dream job or climb the ladder of success. Break free from the confines of conventional wisdom and embrace a new era where success is within reach for everyone, regardless of background or status. Welcome to a world where your potential knows no bounds, and your career aspirations become your reality.

Join me in rewriting the success stories of immigrant professionals through Teachndo, and let's navigate your career journey together. Let's chat here! 

Sweta Regmi LinkedIn Top Voice in Career
Sweta Regmi, Career Coach, Teachndo
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