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Resume wriiting courses for job seekers, Teachndo

Resume & Cover Letter

Live 1:1 coaching customized to each career professional, our tested and proven RICH model resumes will get interviews left and right.

Interview preparation courses for job seekers in Canada

Interview Coaching

Your interview coaching delivered by a former hiring manager that worked in award-winning companies will get you hired using our "have them at hello" models. Interviews are customized to your targeted role.

LinkedIn Branding

End up on a recruiters search list by branding your LinkedIn profile and let recruiters head hunt you first to get on the preferred list of candidates.

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Bundle up with the most popular course for career professionals with our signature "One Size Doesn't Fit All, Job Search Strategy Package."

Free resources for job seekers in Canada, https://www.teachndo.com/product-page/job-search-strategy, Prearrival immigrants in Canada,New Immigrants in Canada, Job boards and Job sites in Canada.

Free Resources

Get free resources such as "Job Boards in Canada", "Newcomers Guide To Canada", and many more.

Are you an experienced Newcomer to Canada/Internationally Trained Professionals, laid-off, dealing with ageism,  and want to go where you are celebrated?

 If you are qualified but struggling to get job offers, you have come to the right place for a boutique type of one-to-one career consulting!


LinkedIn branding and SEO courses for job seekers in Canada

We offer a one-stop 1:1 Job Search Strategy: Resume and cover letter services, Interview preparation, Personal branding, LinkedIn Branding, Effective networking, and Career Coaching/Consulting.

95% of our clients got Interviews, and were hired in top companies within 10-90 days with a higher total compensation package!

Teachndo, Testimonial from client for Resume writing course

"Sweta was very insightful and helped me understand how the notorious ATS works. All this while I thought that I was effectively editing my resume, but after attending her session, I realized what I had been doing was futile. She was very responsive to any query and highlighted the shortcomings in the resume that I wasn’t even aware of. I would definitely recommend her session to anyone who has been struggling with resume writing and thereby not getting called for interviewsI am happy to inform you that I had several interviews and have heard really positive feedback. Yours was the only course I took." Hired In Deloitte, first job in Canada!


—  Souganthika S, CPA, CFA, Senior Auditor 

Learn Straight From The Source

Testimonial by client for Sweta Regmi, Career Consultant, Resume services in Canada.

You will be mentored by an ex-hiring manager who has been named a Top 25 Career Expert to follow on LinkedIn 

No Canadian Experience? New immigrants to Canada got multiple offers and were hired by top employers with high-paying jobs were once rejected until they hired us!

No Canadian Experience? 

Newcomers who got hired by top employers with

high-paying jobs busted no Canadian Experience!

Struggling with a job search in Canada?

Are you qualified but does the online application/Applicant Tracking System (ATS) scares you? 

Please Recruiters/ Hiring managers in 10 secs with have them at hello framework! 



Are you Newcomer to Canada, New Immigrants, Prearrival immigrants in Canada, Laid off in Canada, want to switch the jobs,  need help with Job search, Resume, LinkedIn, Job Interviews, Career Coaching, Contact Teachndo, Sweta Regmi, Career Coaching
Laid off, over qualified, dealing with Ageism during job search in Canada?

Laid off?

Dealing with ageism? 

Hearing you are overqualified?


Bounce back quickly to the workforce after a layoff by using current new tools & resources that work.

If your latest job search was years ago, you've come to the right place.

You are never too old to pursue your dream!



Are you Newcomer to Canada, New Immigrants, Prearrival immigrants in Canada, Laid off in Canada, want to switch the jobs,  need help with Job search, Resume, LinkedIn, Job Interviews, Career Coaching, Contact Teachndo, Sweta Regmi, Founder & CEO, Career Coaching

Go where you are celebrated! switch!

Attract employers! our clients were approached by employers of the choice with a 30%-90% salary increase!

 Show up on the recruiter's search results with our LinkedIn Branding, and Search Engine Optimization formula.


 Build the brand taught by an expert whose insights are featured in CBC News, Toronto Sun, Forbes, LinkedIn News, Academic Institutions, Employment Services, and content viewed by millions.

Get hired with our real-world interview questions used by hiring managers within your industry.

No Interviews/job offers?

Feeling like a failure with rejections?

Low self-esteem & self-doubt? 

Lost of confidence?

                                       ​      ​​

Need 1:1 personalized hand-holding career consulting? 

What worked before the pandemic might not work!