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Canada plans to welcome 500,000 immigrants per year by 2025

Are we ready to support newcomers/ Immigrants in Canada?

A plan to welcome a record number of immigrants to Canada includes bringing in needed workers, but experts and employers say more could be done to help newcomers arrive and thrive in their new home as per CBC News.

Opinion piece outlining shortcomings of non-profit employment services for newcomers, with suggestions for improvement.

It was 2001 when we landed in Canada after my husband was laid off from an IT role at a Fortune 500 company in the United States. He had a degree from the US, and experience with a top company and we were hopeful.

My husband ended up working in a factory for a couple of months, alongside many other internationally trained professionals. Trying to find work that was more aligned with his skills, he visited employment agencies, including non-profit agencies that only had bridge jobs. He later found a contract IT role through a recruitment agency.

His experience is not uncommon. In Canada, we met many internationally trained professionals who were well-qualified under the immigration system but couldn’t secure work that aligned with their backgrounds. Often, they blamed the “no Canadian experience” barrier. This continues to be a massive problem for many newcomers to Canada. Read more on our journey as an immigrant and No Canadian Experience rejections.

To this day, the struggle to find the right support for newcomers in Canada is real. While employer perceptions of internationally trained professionals present a significant barrier to employment, in my experience, we also need to consider where employment services and free-funded newcomer's programs may be falling short.

Employment services and career services for newcomer bridging programs may be falling short.

In 2017, I was laid off, therefore, I took services with outplacement services offered in my severance. After the service got expired, I wanted to take advantage of our funded free employment services as a taxpayer. I reached out to a couple of reputed non-profit employment agencies and signed up for a few free webinars to understand their job search strategy training. I was disappointed b