11 Ways to Make LinkedIn Help You Find Jobs

Nobody tells you about how you are being filtered out by those pre-screening questions and you have been wondering why you are not getting your profile viewed, here is why!

“LinkedIn research has found that almost 89% of professionals feel that skills are even more important than job titles,” Decembrele told Business Insider.

Having a challenge updating your LinkedIn profile?

How do recruiters post on LinkedIn?

Let us take you to the back end of how recruiters or employers post the job on LinkedIn, and filter you out.

LinkedIn has a range of 7 levels under the seniority level dropdown menu. It is important to search for the right level as a job seeker. Examples- Internship, Entry Level, Associate, Mid-Senior Level, Director, Executive, Not applicable.

  1. Job function and Company Industry are crucial factors. Job poster could only use up to 3 job functions/Industries based on the role requirement. Examples of job functions: Administrative, Sales, IT, Analyst, Business Development, Accounting, Auditing, Management, etc. There are 33 options on the drop-down list. Example of Industry: Consumer Services, Banking, retail, etc.

  2. The important section for job posting is Job title to attract the right talent. Job seekers should target the right title on LinkedIn when searching for a role. For example, the Sales Manager could have the title of Sales Coach, Sales Leader, Sales Team Leader, Associate Manager, etc.

  3. Update the current title under the experience section, otherwise, you won’t show up in search or lose an all-star profile. Avoid actively seeking headlines. Check this blog LinkedIn Tips and the video for how to update unemployment.

  4. Job description: If you want to get that interview, optimize your LinkedIn with keywords by placing them strategically. Please the applicant tracking system(ATS) and the human eyes, take a look at the job description closely. There is your answer. Check the video: ATS Checklist for Resume

  5. The most important section of the job application is “skill Keywords” this is where employers could potentially filter job seekers out of the system. There are hard skills and soft skills.

  6. Employers can add up to 10 skills only, whereas LinkedIn users as job seekers could add up to 50 skills, therefore, add the top skills in a strategic way on the profile as a job seeker. Pin your most relevant skills on top. LinkedIn allows you to have 3 top skills pinned. Tips- Only keep the skills based on the job title you are targeting. Example of skills keywords used by the job poster. Recruiters could only add 10 skills when posting which is invisible to jobseekers. Job seekers will show up on the search if they have targeted key skills on your own profile based on the recruiter’s requirement.

  7. You can share your profile through easy apply but we don’t recommend hitting easy apply as your LinkedIn profile is not customized to the particular job posting. It is always a good idea to customize the resume for each job. Before you share your profile for a job posting, we highly recommend you update your LinkedIn Profile with industry keywords and relevant skills. Note: Recruiters have an option to turn on the feature for letting job seekers know if they viewed the job application. Don’t worry if you didn’t get a notification if they viewed the application or not. Your job is to customize and only apply for the right role.

  8. For job seekers, LinkedIn allows adding 50 skills. We recommend only accepting endorsement that directly relates to the job you are targeting. Recruiters will search for those key skills, education, certification, etc.

  9. Be visible everywhere even outside LinkedIn to be found on Google or search engines. Set your profile to be visible to everyone. Check this video on How To Be Visible Outside of Your LinkedIn Profile as a jobseeker

  10. Use the #opentowork feature wisely. You have an option to show only to recruiters or everyone with a green photo frame (the new feature is not rolled out to everyone yet). Open to work profile now shows up on google search as well, if you have set the privacy option to be found outside of LinkedIn. Your current employer might see you are open to working, use your judgment. Avoid showing desperation on LinkedIn. Most recruiters target people who are employed, #opentowork status is based on your personal preference. Check the step by step video guide on how to update the open to work feature on LinkedIn

  11. LinkedIn has a prescreening feature for job applications. Recruiters could auto-reject applications based on the filters they set up. Recruiters could customize to hold off auto rejection emails before the rejection gets sent out to the applicant. This is on LinkedIn- Rejection email preview

Applicants will receive this message from LinkedIn 3 calendar days after being rated as “Not a fit”. Should they change their mind, the employer could change their rating before the message is sent.

Rejection email below:

"Thank you for your interest in the SEO position at Teachndo, Career Consultancy in Canada. Unfortunately, we will not be moving forward with your application, but we appreciate your time and interest in Teachndo, Career Consultancy. Regards, Teachndo, Career Consultancy"

Prescreening or knock out questions to filter out "not a fit"

  1. How many years of work experience do you have using certain tools?

  2. How many years of experience do you have working in this role?

  3. Do you have a driver’s license, can you travel (depends on the job type)

  4. Have you completed the following level of education:

  5. Are you legally authorized to work in Canada?

  6. Certifications questions

As per LinkedIn- Why use screening questions?

  1. Your job post is highlighted to members who match your requirements

  2. Applicants who pass your screening questions are also highlighted to you, so you never miss a qualified applicant

  3. Sort applicants based on the number of qualifications met

How do Employer/ Recruiters find you on LinkedIn and how can you end up on Sourcers/Recruiters' search?

Get emails, Inmails on LinkedIn from recruiters/ job posters by understanding the LinkedIn Optimization/ SEO

How to add Open To Work (ONO) to your LinkedIn Profile?

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