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“I was almost on the verge of a mental breakdown due to unemployment for 5 months. I worked within the recruitment industry for years but got fired because of a toxic culture. I took all the free courses online, followed the coaches on LinkedIn for content but nothing seemed to be working. All of a sudden Sweta popped on my feed and started following her. Watching her free tips, youTube, and going through the blogs made me hire her as a consultant. I knew she was a real deal just by listening to her and initial phone consult. She didn’t pressure me at all instead she left me with free advice. I had the last amount of saving and I took a gamble at her. I am so glad I took a risk.  I followed the direction religiously every day by using guidance provided in class and later by referencing back to amazing e-books that have real tips for job seekers, it is unlike I have ever seen anywhere. I got multiple offers and negotiated on a salary. I never even imagined things would start moving so quickly. I am an introvert and this program made me change my thought process about networking and selling myself on paper. The support you get is nothing like others. Who gets a personal cell phone number to the consultant to quickly run things by? Sweta is on top of her things. She goes above and beyond in providing feedback and continuous support. She watches your brand online. Teachndo provides amazing support to its clients. I am so glad I found this company through LinkedIn. The best investment I have done for myself. It is because of Sweta’s day and night effort I am now able to live my lavish life, I always imagined. I just bought a house that is worth more than a million-dollar because of my new dream role. I would never be able to pay teachndo back with the support I got during my difficult job search process."

- Katherine J / Recruiter / HR Specialist

"What can I say? I took a course with Sweta. She is really really the best at what she does in this industry. She goes into details about selling yourself in the market. Thanks to Sweta, I have 3 interviews in the next 2 weeks. Coming from a Fortune 500 company, I thought I would have an easy path to switch the job. I had signed up with other resume writing services before with futile results. It was frustrating not to get even one interview from the companies I had sent the resume to. Therefore, I signed up with the Teachndo package through a referral from one of my friends (who got a job within a month after graduating from school). With Teachndo there are tons of materials and resume writing techniques. Amazing tools for ATS and keywords scanners with how to please the hiring manager on a resume. There were so many details, it was overwhelming. Thank you again. I feel like I am my own resume master and can help out others in need. Take the package."

- Prat S / Senior Financial Analyst

“There is something about Sweta's service. She has the supernatural power of motivating jobseekers. I completed grade 12 back home Landed in Canada with my parents Worked two jobs in customer service to survive I had call center experience from back home I wanted to work at a call center again I chose Sweta as my coach She guided me throughout my career journey I failed my first interview at the bank because I didn't prepare Then after Sweta had a job search strategy, foolproof plan. We waited for 3 months This time I got hired at the major bank at entry-level. Sweta started to coach me throughout my career and I became a top seller in no time I got promoted a few times now I am in a dream job in a financial intelligence unit in the AML world with No certification No degrees How was it possible? That is how career coaching works with Teachndo. She is always there for you. You won't regret signing up with her. Do it now!”

- Noyo S / Financial Intelligence / AML

It feels great to mention that she is such an effective and nurturing coach. I can’t thank her enough for her guidance & services rendered on the resume building & general coaching to execute my interviews. The best part is that she is always accessible for clearing the doubts, with her everlasting smile. She has always exhibited enthusiasm and positive energy during our discussions & sessions. Thanks for being a true coach, & a real inspiration to me. Your coaching technique has been invaluable.Seldom do we met up with coaches who not only understand the concerns but also guides you with equal support to achieve the result. Thanks to Sweta for being the Ms. Wonderful

- Ankur A / Senior Manager, Business Development

- Sid G, MBA / Senior Manager 

"I had the pleasure of been coached by Sweta for my upcoming Amazon Interview and I can say without a doubt that she is a master at what she does! She really takes the time to understand the interview needs, the interviewing company, your ability to tackle the interview, and coach you step by step providing you with the necessary tools and strategies to fully prepare you for the interview. You can tell that she has personally invested and dedicated herself to your success. I left my interview coaching meeting with Sweta feeling more optimistic, confident in my skills and ability to tackle the interview, and I highly recommend her for interview coaching to anyone who has an interview or searching for a job! I have really learned a lot of things I wasn't aware of. Thanks to you I polished up, she asked the questions we discussed. I really appreciate and may God bless you. Thank you so much for the coaching session, I passed 7 rounds"

- Triponia M / Human Resources

"Insights into how the resume screening actually works and tips and legal tricks to get highlighted and come over ATS filtering. Follow Sweta for many video and webinars which help you to add to your knowledge base.
Highly recommend her sessions."

- Sandeep V / Senior QA Manager / IT Engineer

“Why would someone want to go with coaches who were never in a hiring role as an employer?. Teachndo stands out because they have a consultant like Sweta Regmi who knows what employers are looking for. I contacted Sweta after she delivered a webinar through aces employment. What inspired me was that she was in a leadership role and resigned to teach job seekers, there is a career coach who labels themselves as coaches when they are unemployed. They said they help newcomers and they are trying to get a job themselves, how can they coach.  I connected with Sweta emotionally as I was laid off too. People give the advice to do this do that, it is easy to say it but if they haven’t done it and implemented the advice how can they attest to it?. That is why I chose Sweta as my mentor. I got lots of bad advice from other coaches, they will say network but won’t show me how, They said “ elevator pitch is useless” but it is the most important thing I learned from Sweta. They said coffee chat is useless, I got a job offer from coffee chat. There are many career coaches out here in Canada but check their credentials first. Check out Sweta’s content and videos, so much quality, that must tell you the quality of work she does for job seekers”. Imagine when you pay for her services, this is a lifetime investment for any job seekers”

- Preet B / Human Resources Coordinator

“I came across Sweta’s work through LinkedIn when she posted about how she was laid off years ago and struggled with her job search. I related my job search journey with her and hired her. The motivation and the way Sweta teaches is you can’t even imagine. She is a cheerleader who believed in me when I didn’t think I would ever land a job. I landed a dream role within a couple of weeks into the program. I couldn’t believe it when I woke up with multiple interviews. She takes you through your journey of job search. This is customized to you and your need. She will never teach you what you already know. She will first understand what level you are in and customize her course. Once she assigns you the homework she comes back with the customized version of course just for you. You will be given full individual attention with lots of support. Once you are done with the course, she will monitor your progress and reach out regularly. This program teaches you not only about job search but teaches you life lessons on how to talk even in a corporate world or build your brand on social media. I plan to have my own business later and I learned so much from this program as a job seeker that I will use later on for everything. The job search strategy is a must-have for everyone and it is a one-time life investment, trust me  you won’t regret it.”

- Ray S / Project Manager

"I found teachndo through LinkedIn. During the discovery session on the call, Sweta asked lots of valid questions that I was not able to answer. She referred me to teachndo blogs and youtube video for free advice, because I was reluctant to invest. I was blown away by the content. After following her for a couple of months, I had to hire her as my mentor. In no time, I got multiple interviews and offers because of the job search strategy course. I remember how she helped me in negotiating salary. I ended up making $50000 more than my last job. Teachndo is so much more than career consultancy. It has a unique brand and nobody could beat that personalized service. I didn’t feel like a client, I felt like a family who is supporting me all the way. Sweta was available day and night. Sometimes, she and I would be going over our strategy at midnight. She is extremely supportive and has your best interest for you to succeed. I refer everyone to teachndo for its uniqueness. They have an excellent customized package. The money you spend is nothing compared to being unemployed for months. It costs you nothing compared to the benefits you get.”

- Jacky C / Software Engineer

"Professional, passionate, honest, and direct with her work. Sweta has helped lots of new immigrants including me in taking the required steps towards settling in the new land. As learning doesn't end, Sweta's posts still give a lot of new insights which otherwise many immigrants might not be aware of. I would recommend Sweta Regmi and Teachndo to all the new immigrants to start following way before moving and for people already moved should follow for their future prospects. Thank you, Sweta for your help and support."

- Bharat D / Manager, Accountant

“I have collaborated with Sweta for her services and she is a perfectionist, keeps the minutest detail of information to leverage your career goals and help the best she can. She goes beyond her commitment to giving add-ons wherever she can and help you. I would definitely recommend her for the services as a career coach and mentor.”

- Shadab A / Quality Assurance Manager/ AML

“Sweta is an absolute professional. She has completely transformed and modernized my resume. In the current job market, a professionally written resume is the most important first step. I would recommend Sweta to anyone looking for career consultancy.”

- Atulya V /Geologist,  Senior Ground Control Engineer

"I had enrolled for Sweta's resume writing and interview preparation class. She is the best coach out there who teaches how to craft your resume highlighting the skillsets and your expertise. After enrolling her classes, I noticed getting more reach out from recuiters and interviews. Sweta truly cares for her clients and keeps a check on their progress offering valuable advise. I recommend Sweta's career consultations to all those who want to make the next career move"

- Vishnu C, MBA / PMO, IT 

"I would highly recommend Sweta to everyone. I took her resume writing course in which she taught me how to make an impressive resume with new techniques. She is professional, helpful and very well experienced in her field. It was worth taking her course"

- Shiv M / QA Test Engineer

"She simply is great with her job. Can identify the problem area and support where you need it. She is methodical in her approach which gives you confidence in her."

- Priyanka S / Lead Engineer

"Sweta is an outstanding mentor in the field of career consulting. I had the pleasure of participating in several one-on-one sessions with her, and I learnt valuable lessons regarding resume tailoring, cover letter writing and interviewing for job applications. Sweta is highly knowledgeable and speaks from her own rich and varied experience. I now feel much more confident while applying to jobs online through LinkedIn or other portals. Glad I attended her programme, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for quality guidance regarding job search and interviewing"

- Mayukh M/ Senior Merchandising Manager  

Sweta's guidance and support helped me to secure a remote job via LinkedIn. I rarely come across real talent and a true leader who stands out like Sweta. Genuine expert' is is the phrase that comes to mind when  I think about her for career guidance and job search assistance. Sweta's ability to understand client needs and provide a tailored solution for our success is amazing. She also diligently ensures that we are heading towards our goal by frequently taking feedback, provide valuable guidance, and make sure we succeed in our careers. I would strongly recommend Sweta as the go-to person for career guidance and job search strategies.

- Madhu C, Business Development, Consultant