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Create a Winning High-Converting Resume in less than 24 hours

with Guidance from a Hiring Manager

Turned Certified Career & Resume Strategist


Without ever spending a second staring at a blank white Word doc. 

Even if you're convinced that online applications are a black hole.

Even if you believe the communication barrier will hold you back forever.

Stand out with Psychology-backed 4 steps & SEO-optimized Resumes to have eyeballs of employers.
Get clarity and confidence and land interviews than you did in an entire year. 

Sweta Regmi, Resume strategist

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Sweta Regmi, Founder & CEO, Career Consultant Canada on CBC National News
Sweta Regmi, Founder and CEO, Career Consultant in Canada, interview with global news
Sweta Regmi, CEO Teachndo on CNBC
Sweta Regmi, CEO Teachndo, Career Expert  on Wall Street Journal
Sweta Regmi, CEO Teachndo, Career Expert on HuffPost
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Sweta Regmi, Founder & CEO, Career Consultant, Guest Speaker in CTV News
Sweta Regmi,Founder & CEO of Teachndo, Career Consultant, Canada featured in Rogers media,
Sweta Regmi Top Career Expert in Canadafeatured on Fox 26 News
Sweta Regmi, Career Expert in Canada featured on LinkedIn News, LinkedIn Top Voice
Featured in Daily Mail News, Sweta Regmi, Founder and CEO, Teachndo, Top Career Expert in
Sweta Regmi, CEO, Founder, TeachndoCareer Consultant in Canada in Financial Post
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Break the Chains of Traditional Resume Beliefs


In a world where resume struggles often lead to discouragement, and self-doubt it's easy to feel disheartened.

But what if I told you that landing interviews in top companies are entirely feasible, regardless of costly resume writers, language proficiency, or referral, without expensive certification or career gaps? 

So the question is... do you know how to write a drool-worthy resume that has hiring managers eager, excited, and overjoyed to interview you?

That's precisely the essence of our self-paced TIY Resume Course – empowering you to overcome the self-doubt imposed by resume challenges and outdated norms ensuring your resume stands out and gets noticed in today's competitive job market. 

This is for you if...


You haven't written a resume recently and have no idea where to start

Your efforts in applying to online positions or through referral are turning into countless rejections

You want to overcome the fear of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and chances to land interviews 

You're struggling to secure the right interviews despite having experience or transferable skills

If you are second-guessing yourself because less talented brains are getting interviews

If your resume isn't showcasing your true potential the way you want to

If English is not your first language and want to enhance your communication skills to get eyeballs on your resume to stand out

You feel ageism and career breaks are holding you back and not sure how to showcase on your resume 

If you're absolutely DONE with endlessly updating resumes that fail to secure interviews

I've walked the path you're on.

Are you tired of feeling like your resume falls flat, failing to captivate hiring managers and showcase your true potential? It's a frustrating cycle, especially when English isn't your first language and you lack a robust network or certifications. Trust me, I've been there. Despite my own hurdles - limited networks, no degree, and imperfect English - I managed to snag interviews with prestigious companies, securing 9 promotions in just 12 years and leading top-notch teams.

But then, picture the setback of a layoff, followed by a career break. Even after relocating to a new city, lacking connections or upgrades, I still managed to land interviews. The frustration of being undervalued, paid less than peers with similar skills, and struggling to advocate for yourself in a resume—it's all too real. I know it all too well.

But here's the thing: you don't have to be held back by these communication barriers. You deserve to break free from the chains of doubt and frustration. And now, as someone who's been on both sides of the hiring table for over 15 years, I'm here to share the strategies that not only helped me but countless others overcome these barriers and land interviews in an easy-to-follow, self-paced course.


Sweta Regmi, Founder and CEO Teachndo, Career Coach Canada, Certfied Career and Resume Str

Exposing Resume Myths

Online applications don't work, and ATS swallows your resume—wrong!

You need to send a resume to strangers to get interviews —lies!

Stop relying on generic templates! They make you sound fake. 

The Job Market Has Changed. Your Resume Should, Too.

Employers receive between 300 to over 1000 applications per role!

Even mediocre resumes could land interviews a few years ago. But those days are long gone. That’s why you urgently need to elevate your resume with professional guidance.

Let's call it what it is – Your Enemy


It's the misconception that landing interviews are impossible without a referral or just applying online. 75% of job applications are rejected by applicant tracking systems (ATS) before they're even seen by a human eye,  myth or truth? MYTH! 

Only 2% of resumes make it past the first round.

Join my resume course and secure your spot in the top 2%!

success is not limited to a select few – it's available to anyone willing to understand hiring psychology and overcome these false beliefs with resume branding that stands out to land interviews.

Magic Solution of hitting the "submit" button on your job applications.


Let your phone ring with interviews! 

Hop on a transformative TIY Resume branding journey designed specifically for the flood of interview invitations pouring in as hiring managers are impressed by your resume branding.  It's time to craft your future with confidence. 

Step-by-Step Instructions: Learn to strategically highlight your strengths and infuse your personality into your resume.

 We'll equip you with the tools to feel a renewed sense of confidence and optimism about your career as you realize the impact of your crafted resume.  

Imagine a future....

Imagine the sense of pride as you see your skills and achievements showcased on your resume grab eyeballs to land interviews taught by a hiring manager. 

Feel a sense of relief and ease as your resume effortlessly navigates through applicant tracking systems and recruiting tools, opening interview doors for you as THE TOP CHOICE

Envision the excitement of recruiters and hiring managers as they eagerly reach out to learn more about you based on your impressive resume 100% written by you. 



It's not just a dream – it's a tangible reality within your reach instantly! 


But here's the best part 


With our TIY Resume Program, you'll gain access to a wealth of job search resources, including customized resume and cover letter templates, video guides, career clarity exercises, updated content, AI strategy, ATS do's and don'ts, Recruiting tools insights, interview preparation tools, outreach to hiring managers samples, the option to add review support by hiring manager turned certified career and resume strategist.  It's time to craft your STORY with confidence. 

Please Don't...

❌ Use those $10 fancy BS resume templates you bought - just throw those away now. Most templates are created by graphic designers who don't understand how ATS parsing works.

❌ Hire anyone who claims they can write your resume for cheap (you know who I’m talking about). 

❌ Pretend Chat GPT or AI will act as a resume writer and fix your resume - any AI-generated resume still needs to be edited by a human brain that knows the right input for the best output. 

❌ Rely on those who have no hiring experience, unqualified friends or accountability buddies for resume feedback or suggestions. They are often taught by people who have little experience screening resumes.

❌ Waste more time waiting and hoping for responses when you can actually get results in less than half a day! 

Picture yourself...


Having a high-converting resume easily takes you from a few responses to being completely booked up with interviews and a waitlist of eager-to-hire employers lined up at your door.

Waking up each morning excited to hit the submit button online or send the resume to networks with pride. 


See yourself confidently discussing your experiences and accomplishments during job interviews, knowing that your resume has set a strong foundation for success.

Feel confident and get clarity about your career as you realize the impact of communication on your resume.

 Still on the fence? 

How many interviews and $$ have you missed because your resume wasn’t convincing?

Really Think About Average Costs:

  • Resume templates & courses taught by inexperienced gurus you purchased: $250+

  • Time spent editing without direction: Countless hours

  • Free courses to learn resume writing: Priceless as you can't get back time

  • Cost of no responses: Unemployment, missed opportunities, self-doubt, low confidence, and there is no price tag for mental health. 

Transform your resume with expert guidance and watch your career opportunities flourish.

Enroll in my course today and start getting the responses and interviews you deserve

From self-doubt and 0 calls to an interview call on the first try! 

Online Course Details


Research 10 steps of marketing plan.  7 C's of career clarity with CARL framework.


You will identify SWOT and skill inventory 


You will create branding strategy on resume & coverletter 

Have them at Hello

You will execute resume strategy to land interviews with HOOK


CARL & Clarity exercise with video guide,  7 Cs to gain a deep understanding of your career goals and aspirations. 

Lessons 3

Application Tracking System (ATS) Guide with Checklist. 

Lesson 6

Customizing Resume with Job Posting Pain and KPIs. 

Lesson 9 

Communicating Career Break /Unemployment 

Lesson 1

10 Steps of Marketing Plans and SWOT Analysis 

Lesson 4

Hard Skill & Soft Skills Formula

Lesson 7

AI Hacks for Resume Quick Edits 


Includes resume & cover letter  templates, 10+ samples of resume,  Disc personality test, ebooks, outreach sample,  a list of job boards, recruiting firms, career fairs   Boolean search tips, labour market and salary insights and many more! 

Lessons 2

Resume & Job Posting Comparison with Skill Inventory

Lesson 5 

Action Verbs & Resume Bullets Tips to Stand Out

Lesson 8 

How to Use AI Prompts for Resume Strategy That Gets Interviews

Resume Review

We offer video reviews with comprehensive resume checklist on a review at a discounted membership rate available for an additional fee. This personalized service offers in-depth feedback on your resume from industry experts with 15+ years of hiring experience, who is also certified career and resume strategist.

​Value is over $1500!

All this and more, are available to you for a fraction of the investment.

Add review support at the membership rate within 1 week of enrollment (limited-time offer)


Write your own resume!

  • Best Value

    TIY Resume Course

    Valid for 12 months
    • Career Clarity Framework
    • 9 Videos(1.75+ hrs) by Certified Career & Resume Strategist
    • 2 Editable Resume ATS Templates with Direction
    • 5 Editable Cover Letter Templates & Email Samples
    • Editable Marketing Plan Template
    • Resume Bullets Examples Statement
    • Application Tracking System & Recruiting Tools Samples
    • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Checklist
    • Worksheet Tracker for Targeted Employers
    • Strong Action Verbs 200+ Based on Tasks
    • Editable Job Search Planner
    • 8 E-books and Templates
    • Bonus: 5+Outreach Samples + LinkedIn AI Interview Tips
    • Boolean Search Tips Used by Recruiters
    • Career Gap Resume Sample Video
    • AI Tools & Prompts for Resume Writing
    • Exclusive Access to Blogs with Resume Samples
    • List of Job Boards & Recruiting Firms
    • Option to Add Resume Review at the Membership Rate 50% off
    • Free Online Courses Links
    • Personality Test Resources
    • Career Fair Events

Still not convinced?

We offer customized video reviews with a resume checklist at a discounted TIY membership rate available for an additional fee. This personalized service offers in-depth feedback on your resume from industry experts with 15+ years of hiring experience turned certified career and resume strategists. See details here


Rest assured, your satisfaction is our top priority. Hear from our satisfied clients who have overcome these same barriers to achieve remarkable success with our program.


Risk Free Logo


Two Resume Editable Word Templates, 5+ cover letter templates + Samples of Resumes!  (value $200+) 

The same templates people have used in top companies to stand out and this template can parse the info to ATS easily. Just plug the content without worrying about what goes where as it comes with a step-by-step direction. 

If you are stuck and need support 

One week to upgrade to Resume review at a membership rate of $150 (limited-time offer) 

Career Clarity Video (value $5000):

Not clear on how to start looking for a targeted role or change career?

Gain clarity and direction with signature CARL strategy before starting to work on the self-paced course. Access an exclusive 45-minute career promotion video where I share insider secrets to fast-track your career growth. I was paid as the speaker by a B2B partner. Now, you get it as part of the program. 

I Don't Mean to Brag, But I Know a Thing About Being the top talent


HERE'S WHY PEOPLE keep landing interviews. 

Success Stories with ROI

Rajesh, Finance Operations Manager Featured in the news, went from 0 interviews to 6 figures! read here

"By the 5th week had landed a job.
Not just an ordinary job but was offered a 6-figure salary and a bonus! This was way beyond my expectations! 5 weeks or rather 5 hours and I have got my confidence back. I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to restart or grow in their careers! Thank you Sweta! You’re awesome!"


Rishi S, Project Manager

"I just cannot stress enough about how good Sweta is at what she does. I would highly recommend newcomers struggling to find their way in Canada to work with Sweta and take her guidance as a career expert. I applied all the techniques that she taught me. Thank you so so much Sweta! I followed her tips and guidance and damn! I got into a six-figure role within one year of moving to Canada! This is something I really dreamt of, and it has become a reality all thanks to you.  I owe a significant portion of my success to Sweta's impeccable guidance and expertise."  



Mayukh, Director 

"Sweta is an outstanding mentor in the field of career consulting. I learnt valuable lessons regarding resume tailoring, cover letter writing and interviewing for job applications. Sweta is highly knowledgeable and speaks from her own rich and varied experience. I now feel much more confident while applying to jobs online through LinkedIn or other portals. Glad I attended her programme, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for quality guidance regarding job search and interviewing." 

A client who took free funded employment bridging services said " it was a waste of time" read more here. 

Teachndo, Featured in CBC.
Testimonial for Sweta Regmi, Teachndo, Career and Resume services



Soumya, a Business Analyst went to employment services too before hiring me. 

"Sweta is an exceptional Career Consultant. The level of targeted practical advice she offers is extremely valuable. She always has suggestions that are on point. Spot on with her advice on using LinkedIn, networking and interviewing, found it highly informative. She understands how to leverage LinkedIn better than anyone I have met. She offers great insights to help her clients. Sweta genuinely cares about ensuring her client's success." 

Testimonial Teachndo, Resume Services



Tarmo, Deputy Chief, Executive

"There are few people I have met that provide the value with the way that Sweta does. I am so grateful for all of the help.The end product was new and improved me. Someone who was now willing to take chances with people and connect like never before. Sweta provided coaching and cheerleading all the while making me look much better on paper - I dare say great which is true; however, in this case, it was Sweta that created the value that led from “good to great.” 



Feaz, P.Eng, Manager, hired me after his 3rd layoff.  

I chose to work with Teachndo over bigger name outplacement as there was a personal touch and more value provided. Sweta's group works with you on a personal level to target skills and content to better land you an interview. Her full package offers much, and I would recommend it. She is passionate about what she does and has the experience that is relatable.As well, I appreciated her availability as required and I continue to stay in touch. The work resulted in an offer I accepted.



From temp jobs to CPA & 40% +  Salary increase   

" Resume course was the best investment to get my confidence back and offers.  I learned the strategy used in the class and applied it for my new role and promotions and CPA to write Case studies using the CARL framework from the sessions. " 



Vishnu, PMP, Project Manager hired another coach before me but hired me after not getting results. 

"Sweta taught me how to leverage the niche in my profile to maximize visibility to recruiters. My resume became more structured, and it started getting more recruiter calls and interviews. I had a couple of offers to choose from. Sweta is a taskmaster and at the same time fun to work with. I would definitely recommend her coaching services to all those who are looking for their next career move." 

Ready to shatter the myths, break free from limitations and take your career to new heights?

Join us today and let's rewrite the rules together for your success story!

My story

Hi, I am Sweta, Founder and CEO. An ex-hiring manager from award-winning companies turned into a Certified Career & Résumé Strategist.

Sweta Regmi, Founder and CEO, Teachndo, Career Expert in Canada, Certified Career and Resu

As a seasoned hiring manager, I've navigated the landscape of talent acquisition by recruiting from diverse pools at job fairs and career events. With an eagle eye honed through years of experience, I've personally sifted through thousands of resumes, distinguishing between the merely good and the truly exceptional. This firsthand insight into the hiring process has granted me a unique perspective on what it takes to secure interview opportunities.

From navigating layoffs to bouncing back stronger after a one-year career break, in a new city and quitting two jobs with every twist and turn has shaped my lived and tested RICH framework. 

This resume program isn't theory; it's the 15 + years of hiring experience shared with countless clients. Success isn't a product of luck; it's a result of a thoughtful branding strategy accessible to anyone willing to rise above to defy biases and hiring gaps, without excuses. 

Don't let uncertainty hold you back – say goodbye to guesswork.  Let's chart your path to landing interviews.

Certified Career Strategist, Canada, Sweta Regmi
Sweta Regmi, Career Expert, Speaker, Amazon Best Seller
Sweta Regmi, Founder & CEO Teachndo is  nominated for the 31st annual RBC Canadian Women E
Certified Resume Strategist

100+ media appearances 

Sweta Regmi, Founder and CEO, Career Coaching Expert Canada Teachndo in MEDIA
Sweta Regmi, Top career expert in Canada
Sweta Regmi, Career Expert in Canada, LinkedIn Top Voice in Career Development Coaching, Job Search Strategies, Int

40+ Industries Served! 

Our Clients Say


From 0 interviews to offers after taking the course and being hired by her dream company, her first job in Canada! Senior Internal Auditor

"Sweta was very insightful and helped me understand how the notorious ATS works. All this while I thought that I was effectively editing my resume, but after attending her session, I realized what I had been doing was futile. She highlighted the shortcomings in the resume that I wasn’t even aware of. I would definitely recommend her session to anyone who has been struggling with resume writing and thereby not getting called for interviews."

Our Clients Say

He was working a survival job, with 0 interviews. After taking the course he got an interview call at Tesla and offers from a dream company Honda. He applied for an internal role using a resume strategy and got promoted to a new role. Later, he switched to go a different company with a resume strategy with more $$. Program Manager, EIT


"Trust me I found out where my resume was lacking. The tools that Sweta provided me on a one-one basis were amazing. A lot has changed. You wouldn't believe I was asked a question in the interview about how persistent I am by HR . I recommend others to definitely take on the resume writing class. I used a resume writing strategy every time"

Our Clients Say

She applied 16 times at the same bank but after taking the course she got hired by the same bank. Wealth Management/ Investment Specialist


"Job hunting in Canada is challenging & mine was not an exception.  Within 3 weeks of working, I was given an offer in my target role. I absolutely recommend Teachndo as their courses are impactful and deliver results. Sweta's stuff does work!

Testimonial for Sweta Regmi, Certified Career Strategist Teachndo
Mae Testimony for Sweta Regmi, Certified Resume Writer

Our Clients Say

She was moving to Canada and wanted to land a role beforehand. Got hired in a government role! Senior Internal Auditor, Manager. 

The Resume Writing Challenge was a great session. It was an amazing session. I recommend this course to all job seekers because I assure you that you will leave satisfied and confident in your resume writing skills.

Testimonials for Sweta Regmi, Certified Resume Writer, Teachndo, Career Coach

Our Clients Say

He wanted to switch and got offers! Software QA Analyst.

I would highly recommend the resume course to everyone. I took her resume writing course in which she taught me how to make an impressive resume with new techniques. She is professional, helpful and very well-experienced in her field. It was worth taking her course.

Shiva M Testimonials for Sweta Regmi, Certified Top Career and Resume Strategist Canada, R
Testimonial for Resume Writing for Sweta Regmi, Teachndo

Harsh, Business Intelligence Lead 

“Job searching is never easy to process, but then you have mentors like Sweta who can guide and help you to land your dream roles. The strategies and coaching Sweta provides in her company are quite exceptional as she treats each individual profile differently. All the suggestion and tips she provides makes you stand differently from the crowd. I really recommend Sweta and her company to anyone who is looking for the right mentors during their job search process. Got Government job offers. "

Harsh Testimonials for Sweta Regmi

Ajit, Professor & BI Specialist

"I had the pleasure of learning from Sweta who was my mentor. I was one of her clients who was frustrated from applying to jobs and getting no response. She taught me the finer way to write a resume. One of the most significant contributions of Sweta was her guidance in building a strong personal brand. She enlightened me on the importance of presenting myself as a distinguished professional, both online and offline. Her profound knowledge of the job market and the ability to tailor guidance to individual needs were truly commendable. She possesses the rare ability to unlock your full potential and empower you to achieve your dreams. It's without hesitation that I recommend Sweta if you're looking for the best coach for a job search.







Testimonial Teachndo

Ankur, Senior Manager

 It feels great to mention that she is such an effective and nurturing coach. I can’t thank her enough for her guidance & services rendered on the resume building & general coaching to execute my interviews. The best part is that she is always accessible for clearing doubts, with her everlasting smile. She has always exhibited enthusiasm and positive energy during our discussions & sessions. Thanks for being a true coach, & a real inspiration to me. Your coaching technique has been invaluable.