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Teachndo It Yourself (TIY) self-paced
Resume writing course

Are you tired of sending out countless resumes without getting any responses?

Surprisingly, an affordable Resume course to fill your calendar with interviews using a signature method "have them at hello". 

Sweta Regmi, Certified Career and Resume Strategist, Canada, Top Career Coach, Resume writing course in Canada
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TIY Resume Writing Digital Course

Valued over


but you

get at $250!

 if you book Now! 

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TIY Self Paced On Line Resume Course

course instructor

Sweta Regmi, Certified Career Strategist, Canada, Founder & CEO, Teachndo
Sweta Regmi, Certfied  Career and Resume Strategist,  Founder & CEO, Teachndo, Book appoin
Certified Resume Strategist- CRS,  Sweta Regmi, Career Consultant, Resume Writer Canada, F

Hi, I am Sweta Regmi, Founder and CEO. An ex-hiring manager from award-winning companies with experience in recruiting & sourcing turned into a Top 25 Career Expert, Certified Career & Résumé Strategist.

In this resume course, I am teaching you to do it yourself! 

Because no one knows you better than yourself!  


My insights are featured in leading media outlets.

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Sweta Regmi in the Media

This course is for...




You are qualified. 


ready to get a targeted role.

You have experience/ transferrable skills and are confident enough to pursue your dream career. 

You applied to tons of online applications but there is no reply

You have no clue how to sell yourself?  

You don't know what to look for in a job posting.

You start to wonder if your resume is passing the recruiter's screen to the hiring manager's desk. 

You start to blame the online Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

You hired a resume writer/ downloaded a fancy ATS -Proof template they said would work

stand out from the competition! 

A recent study found that the average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds to 8 seconds today.

Workopolis found that 43% of candidates never hear back from a company after one touchpoint. 

First impression matters!

Don't try to beat the bot! 

Learn resume strategy! 


 land Job interviews!  


Write the résumé that gets the attention


10 secs from recruiters & hiring managers!


have them at hello!


Our Clients Say


From 0 interviews to offers after taking the course and being hired by her dream company, her first job in Canada! Senior Internal Auditor

"Sweta was very insightful and helped me understand how the notorious ATS works. All this while I thought that I was effectively editing my resume, but after attending her session, I realized what I had been doing was futile. She highlighted the shortcomings in the resume that I wasn’t even aware of. I would definitely recommend her session to anyone who has been struggling with resume writing and thereby not getting called for interviews."

Our Clients Say


She took a bridging course in employment services and said, " it was a waste of time". Communication Specialist featured on CBC News. 

"If you are someone who is finding it difficult to navigate your career in this new country, Sweta Regmi is the name you need to get in touch with. I would define her as a "Professional with a heart of gold". She attacks all those points which, you think, you are doing right but as per the recruitment system, is completely wrong."

Our Clients Say

He hired a Resume writer and after no results, he took the course and got offers from Accenture and many others.  Moved on to the leadership role at the Top bank with the same resume strategy!  IT Project Leader 


"I enrolled in Sweta's resume writing and interview preparation class. Sweta taught me how to leverage the niche in my profile to maximize visibility to recruiters. My resume became more structured, and it started getting more recruiter calls and interviews. I had a couple of offers to choose from and eventually, I went with the most viable option. Sweta is a taskmaster. I would definitely recommend her coaching services to all those who are looking for their next career move."

Our Clients Say

He was working a survival job, with 0 interviews. After taking the course he got an interview call at Tesla and offers from a dream company Honda. He applied for an internal role using a resume strategy and got promoted to a new role. Later, he switched to go a different company with a resume strategy with more $$. Program Manager, EIT


"Trust me I found out where my resume was lacking. The tools that Sweta provided me on a one-one basis were amazing. A lot has changed. You wouldn't believe I was asked a question in the interview about how persistent I am by HR . I recommend others to definitely take on the resume writing class. I used a resume writing strategy every time"

Our Clients Say

She applied 16 times at the same bank but after taking the course she got hired by the same bank. Wealth Management/ Investment Specialist


"Job hunting in Canada is challenging & mine was not an exception.  Within 3 weeks of working, I was given an offer in my target role. I absolutely recommend Teachndo as their courses are impactful and deliver results. Sweta's stuff does work!

Testimonial for Sweta Regmi, Certified Career Strategist Teachndo
Mae Testimony for Sweta Regmi, Certified Resume Writer

Our Clients Say

She was moving to Canada and wanted to land a role beforehand. Got hired in a government role! Senior Internal Auditor, Manager.