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How to explain career/employment Break?

How to add the Career Gap/Unemployment on the Resume/LinkedIn, and Interview?

If you were laid off/fired/resigned/ on leave of absence/moved to new countries or cities/Newcomers to Canada, you might have been going through a FOPO moment with a career gap. I have been there. FOPO is fear of other people's opinions, and it is so bad for our self-esteem. Although a career break is none of other's business, employers will be nosey.

The first step is to take accountability and start working on the gap by building stories without feeling guilty. Sometimes is a proud moment to take a gap, sometimes when life happens career break is inevitable. There is no set formula to address the career gap but building a story to communicate is the key. Check the sample on how to add a green banner with #OPENTOWORK . on LinkedIn.

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Resume sample for career gap

Leave of absence

The first FOPO for me was when I went away on maternity leave where I felt guilty as a career woman who took a year off, then a couple of years later. I went away again for a year because of my second child. When I came back, I had to prove myself to climb up the ladder due to the career break. I addressed the gap by shadowing and learning about the new role on my own time to get ahead. I had to prove over and over that, all those KPIs' were exceeded. I was blessed with amazing leaders/mentors who saw potential in me and promoted me at least 9 times out of 12 times.

Laid off

They took my title after not my brain and skills.

After I was laid off, I had a FOPO moment which was the embarrassment of losing the title. Then the career break over a year, where I knew they will ask " why you had a gap". Like I chose to be unemployed for a year. I created a plan to fill the gap. I started volunteering and actively began posting pictures on social media with the strategy. On the resume, I listed volunteering activities and the $$ raised from the fundraising event I led. Read more here.

I was invited to share my story with LinkedIn News on Hello Monday Podcast. Listen to the podcast which has stories from layoff survivors. You are not alone. If you need help bouncing back with actionable advice, I have the step-by-step guide after a layoff . The video sample on how to address a career gap on a resume, LinkedIn and Interview.

How to add a career break on LinkedIn, click here for video

Career break sample in LinkedIn

How to update Career Break on LinkedIn Sample

Interview tips to address the career gap, click here

I quit!!

After I bounced back, within a couple of months I realized I was on the wrong job. I wasn't the right fit, but FOPO kicked in again. I moved to a different city to work there even though I had another couple of job offers in hand. I sold my house and started a new life in the remote. I bought a new house too; the kids went to a new school. I couldn't have just quit in months. I thought about what other people would think, I will have a career gap. I chose an employer of the choice that wasn't right for my skills. That job/ environment was a dream job for somebody else but not me. I couldn't take it anymore, had to get out but didn't have the guts to quit. I went on a leave of absence for the first time in my career and quit by email. I was privileged to quit as my spouse had income coming in. I know most of us don't have the liberty to quit but you need to at least have an exit plan. Within one year I resigned without securing a new job and I launched Teachndo . I talk about my experience and why people quit here.

What would other people think is none of your business when it comes to your personal need? Your career break has stories, learn how to showcase them strategically.

Are you tired of sending out countless resumes without getting any responses?

Do you struggle with writing a resume?

Do you have a career gap/break?

I provide the tools and resources in this course

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Sweta Regmi is a hiring manager from award-winning companies turned into Founder and CEO at Teachndo, a Certified Career & Résumé Strategist.Sweta Regmi is a globally recognized top career expert, speaker, and LinkedIn Top Community Voice for Career Development, Job Search Strategies, Personal Branding, Public Speaking, Resume Writing, and Interviewing with over a decade of experience empowering career professionals. Sweta's insights are featured in CBC National News Prime Time & Local, Global National News Top Story & Global Local News, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, HuffPost, CTV News, City News, FOX 26 News, Daily Mail, BNN Bloomberg, 5 times in Globe and Mail, Yahoo News, National Post, MSN,, FORBES, Toronto Sun, 80+ times in LinkedIn News, LinkedIn Hello Monday award-winning podcast, LinkedIn Creators, Indeed, Employment services, Top Colleges and Universities, Career Conferences, Leadership Conferences, and 100+Top media outlets have widely recognized Regmi's expertise, see here. Regmi has also partnered with leading brands and organizations to elevate and spearhead career strategies, career sites, and outplacement and establish non-profit employment services partnerships. Her RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards nomination by Women of Influence in 2022 and 2023 further demonstrates her success as a recognized career expert in Canada. Regmi is also the Amazon Best Seller of 21 Resilient Women: Stories of Courage, Growth, and Transformation. The book has been recognized by libraries, ministers and MPs in Canada.

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