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Resume Profile and Objective Difference

What is the difference between a Career objective and a Career summary?

The objective statement is about what you want, and it is no longer being used in the current resume world.

Resume Profile vs. Objective – sample

The objective statement sounds like this “Seeking a leadership role in a top company or contact center where I could utilize my leadership skills” ❌❌❌

An objective statement refers to what you want not what employers are looking for. The objective statement doesn't outline accomplishment based on the employer's need. The top of the resume is the hook for recruiters and hiring managers to get going to the bottom of your resume page. You only have ten secs to have their attention.

The profile statement is about what you have to offer or what the employer wants. Use keywords and employer's pain strategically with bullet points or paragraphs. There are Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in place for hiring and some ATS tool like Taleo scores the resume based on the keywords. Only apply for the qualified role and don't stuff keywords to look good on a resume. You could be flagged out if you try to game the system. Being ethical when writing a resume is the key. Ensure to use keywords strategically when writing a resume. Therefore, each resume needs to be customized based on the targeted job descriptions. If you are clear on the niche i.e. your targeted role and industry, customizing a resume shouldn't take that long. Check Examples of ATS here.

Did you? reduce attrition, minimize the cost, or increase your customer satisfaction score?

Don't forget to claim the award the company received during your tenure!

Here are examples of career profile statements which has related keywords and industry jargon.

Award-winning Senior Leader with 7 years of experience in the Contact Center within the Financial Industry / Banking. Proven record of reducing Average Handling Time (AHT) by 30% year after year, resulting in reducing costs of up to $2M+ without compromising on quality score. Recipient of JD Power award for highest customer service satisfaction. Increased employee engagement from 75% to 80% with a new coaching framework within 8 weeks.

Sales & service-focused industry leader with a B2C HVAC sales management experience of more than 3 years ready to be a visionary Sales Manager. Winner of # 1 Senior HVAC Sales Leader in 2017 and 2018 within the Greater Toronto Area. Experience in developing business plans, sales plans, and multiple commissions/ incentive/ reward programs. Hand-on experience in coaching and training 10-20 HVAC Sales Associates.

Business-Centric Information Technology (IT) Leader with a 15+-year of strategy and execution for Global Fortune 500 large enterprise customers & stakeholders with Architectural inventions. Proven track record of reducing technical debt by $10M, five years in a row. Optimized P & L and a $50M budget by turning around stalled projects.

Add more hard skills & soft skills depending on the job posting keywords and pain-solving bullets,

You are hired for solving their pain!

Here are tips on how to write a resume that gets an interview.

Profile statement is a value proposition, similar to “tell me about yourself” check the video above for more examples.

Sweta Regmi is a globally recognized top career expert, speaker, and certified career and resume strategist with over a decade of experience empowering job seekers and career professionals. Top media outlets have widely recognized Regmi's expertise, her insights are featured in CBC National News, CNBC, CTV News, City News, Global News- National Top Story, FOX 26 News, Daily Mail, BNN Bloomberg, Rogers Media, Globe and Mail, Yahoo News, National Post, Financial Post, MSN, MoneyWise,, Post Media Network, FORBES, Toronto Sun, Vancouver Sun, LinkedIn News, LinkedIn Hello Monday award-winning podcast, LinkedIn Creators, Indeed, Employment services, Top colleges and Universities, Career conferences, Women in Leadership Conference, and more!


Regmi has delivered over 100 career webinars, and training sessions, and hosted/moderated live events to audiences ranging from 20 to 800+ online attendees at top colleges, reputed brands, and conferences. Her impactful and engaging speaking style has earned her rave reviews and testimonials from event organizers and participants alike.

Regmi has also partnered with leading brands and organizations to elevate and spearhead career strategies, and career sites, establish non-profit employment services partnerships, and create educational career content with 30M+ views on social media with over 220000+ followers across the social media platforms. Her RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards nomination further demonstrates her success as a top career expert.

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