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30 + Tips for Job Interview

  1. Research the company on their websites ( check below on how to research)

  2. Check mission, values, community involvement, awards, etc.

  3. Go to websites such as glassdoor or indeed to check interview platforms, salary range, benefits, and reviews

  4. Scan profile of hiring managers on LinkedIn and recruiter to understand their career path and their interests

  5. Practice 15-20 examples based on a STAR model interview

  6. Practice case studies and presentation skills, some companies will have a test on the spot

  7. Look at a mirror and practice

  8. Record yourself to check on areas of opportunities, get feedback from your circle

  9. Practice a mock interview with your friends or family members

  10. How are your body language and facial expression?

  11. Avoid filler words, such as hmm, um, ah, you know, like, etc.

  12. Dress for the success

  13. Avoid smoking before the interview

  14. Watch for shaky and sweaty handshakes

  15. Practice a firm handshake and maintain eye contact

  16. Don’t seat before the interviewer sits down, wait until they ask

  17. Skip heavy pieces of jewelry, bright makeup, and strong perfume

  18. Groom yourself, clean your nails, shave if possible, and style your hair

  19. Avoid bad breath, use mint (don’t chew gum during the interview)

  20. Check what is under your nose beforehand (buggers)

  21. Women wear closed shoes, with comfortable heels, tie up hair or pin it up, a collared blouse, stocking for the short dress above the knees

  22. Men wear Suits and Ties or business casual

  23. Bring 3 copies of resumes, one pen, and a notebook

  24. Turn off or silence your phone before walking to that building and wait there, without playing with your phone

  25. Maintain eye contact, move your hands, and smile throughout

  26. Ask questions, check what to ask here

  27. Ask for the business card before you leave to send thank you note

  28. Follow up in a week if you haven’t heard back through emails

  29. Connect with hiring managers or recruiters on LinkedIn if possible, to maintain