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Networking samples for job seekers including the holiday season.

How to network when you haven't talked for a while with your past colleagues/ boss/ close group?

Career professionals use the holiday season as a strategy to connect and network!

Are you on Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram/ LinkedIn/ other social media with them?

  • Do they post pictures/ content?

  • Start engaging there with likes and comments, get their attention

  • Get to their inbox and start the conversation examples: "happy holidays" "good to chat after many years" "how are you doing" "what's new" " kids have grown up, how old are they now" "are you still at the same place, where are you now" "I didn't realize you moved, when" " I noticed you got married, congrats, how did you meet" " congrats on the newborn, what is her name, why that name, who chose, what is the meaning behind that name".

  • Use the pictures/ post they posted to create conversations. Pay attention to what they post and show up on their feed!

First, make a deposit then ask for withdrawal by building long-term relationships. Relationship building takes time, don't rush the process.