Networking For Job Seekers With Samples, Top 15 tips!

Updated: Jan 29

Top 15 Tips for networking to get interviews.

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Do’s and Don’ts of networking when looking for a job.

First, make a deposit then ask for withdrawal by building long-term relationships. Relationship building takes time, don't rush the process.

Job search networking tips for job seekers

  1. Follow the targeted Company’s social media account

  2. Participate in their social media activities, act as a brand ambassador, informally, sign up for community forums or blogs, and act as a moderator. Sign up for the newsletter to understand the inside information.

  3. Be visible on their company page, stand out with a valuable comment

  4. Comment and engage in the company’s social media page -Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

  5. Reach out to a person on social media to understand what it is like working within that company (treat this as an informational session online)

  6. Ask about the application process. When and where do the company post the job, when do they normally hire?

  7. Target companies- Set a goal for networking, send at least 25 -50 invites/emails per day, even if one responds, celebrate that 1!

  8. Develop your own personalized connection request and see what works, you won’t know until you try

  9. Do some homework before sending an invite, Make a comment on their recent post, talk about their website, blogs, or recent news, be genuine!

  10. Personalize with, why you want to connect, target the decision-makers and someone who is working at your targeted role to understand what it is like to be working there

  11. Add value, when you comment to other people’s posts, so it stands out, liking the post means nothing!

  12. Engage politely, disagree respectfully, future employers are watching you!

  13. Treat each interaction as a networking session, even when you are not attending a networking event

  14. Revisit what worked and what didn’t, keep exploring with new elevator pitch based on the targeted jobs

  15. Set up an in-person informational interview with a clear goal and be specific on why you want to meet. Offer value proposition.

Samples of networking templates through email or LinkedIn


I am impressed by your recent promotion from Manager to Senior Manager in such a short period. Congratulation! (Research about them).

I am your client & I have a future interest in your previous role (specific hint). Last week, I called the contact center & noticed there was a 45 mins wait time for customer service (Pain). I understand your branch has limited hours due to COVID-19 and calls are being transferred to the call-center. No wonder there was a long wait. I called multiple times and the average wait time was over 45 minutes. I received the customer satisfaction survey later and provided my rating. It was really not fair to the agent as longer waits were not his fault ( know how they measure results)

I have expertise in reducing average handling time (AHT) within the contact center resulting in lesser wait time, higher customer satisfaction, and minimal call abandonment (solution). I have saved $xx for the last company by fixing the root cause of higher AHT. The framework would work even if you are short staff or have no budget. I have a deck attach with a few recommendations. If you have 15- 20 minutes next week, I’d love to walk you through how you can decrease the “wait time” which will result in positive employee engagement, higher customer satisfaction scores, and reduce cost!

let me know what works with your schedule next week on Thursday or Friday. I will plan my schedule.




Dear xxxxx

I was doing research on Digital marketing/ Financial sectors/ Banking industry/ Mining/ Contact center/ QA and your profile came up in the search results. I was impressed by your career highlight. You are part of xxxx group and I am debating to join. Has it helped?

Do you have any other recommendation for another group which has helped you out in xxx sectors?

Thanks Xxxx


Hello xxxx,

I am always eager to connect with top professionals with an outstanding experience like yourself. I am interested in knowing more about the xxxx roles in xxxx area. XXx advised me that your department is growing soon. Perhaps, I could help out in the future within your organization during events?

Last year, I wanted to participate in the Tree planting event but missed it.

Let me know how do I sign up for volunteering. I would like to volunteer in these areas xxxxx. I hope, we stay connected.

Thanks Xxxx


Hello XXX,

XXX suggested I reach out to you as he thought you would be a valuable resource in my career transition. I no longer work in xxxx and I am currently researching a company that may require my skills in the xxx industry.

I have a passion for customer care and xxx said you have valuable experience in this area as you are exactly where I want to be. I would appreciate only 20 minutes of your time to seek guidance on the future direction of your department and company.

I will be in your area next week on Tuesday and Friday or we could chat on the phone. Let me know if that day works for you. If not, then please let me know what works, I will make sure of my availability. Looking forward to connecting! Thanks XXXX

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Do’s and Don’ts of networking when looking for a job.

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