20+ Questions to ask during a Job Interview

Updated: Apr 8

What questions to ask in the Job interview?

The interview should be like a two-way street. As much as employers are trying to identify the right person with the required skills, job seekers should focus on the right type of trade as well. You should have a list of questions to ask in an interview, and you should be strategic about when you ask an employer questions during an interview. We advise that you should not wait until your interview is nearing its end to ask questions. Keep your conversations natural and lively to gain the desired information with your questions.

Mistakes- Career professionals ask questions to impress hiring managers. But, this is the time to ask the right questions to determine a few things:

  • Are you fit for one another?

  • Who are you competing with internally or externally?

  • Get into the hiring manager’s head to understand a bit further about the company

  • Understand the expectation of your future boss.

What are a few examples of what to ask during a Job Interview? why should I ask them these questions?

What are 3 challenging tasks for this role?

This question allows you to get an idea of your boss’s pain and how you could solve it.