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LinkedIn branding 1:1 customized course, end up in a recruiter’s search with SEO



The total time for the session is 2 hrs which includes a Career clarity call and a review support 


This course is customized based on your LinkedIn skills, that is why we do discovery calls first

Understand everything about LinkedIn's basic features

How recruiters are filtering your application

Get optimization keywords tools scanners for LinkedIn and keep with you

You will walk out knowing about the hidden treasures of LinkedIn 

The consultant will provide feedback and a review once you complete the LinkedIn profile


The consultant will discuss-career history

The job posting you are targeting

You will be given the prework targeting the job posting to determine the skills

You will have a personal cell phone number to connect with the consultant, until the
assignment is completed

We will go over your profile and walk you through tips to show up in recruiters' search

Tips and tools on the making background picture showcasing your brand

Tips on the branded headline and about me section

Free tools for profile pictures and LinkedIn banner 

Accomplishment stories using CAR framework 


Take a look at how recruiters are searching for you, understand back-end job postings and filters used by recruiters

You will be provided tips on how to use settings and privacy on LinkedIn 

We will give you free keywords scanning tools which are used on LinkedIn

How to reach out to hiring managers through LinkedIn (bonus tips)

Review support after the course to ensure you are on the right track

PROMOTION e-book included! ( value of $100)



"Sweta adds value through building your brand. She is great at walking beginner, intermediate, and advanced LinkedIn users through the many features of LinkedIn further leveraging this tool in building your online presence. There are few people I have met that provide the value in the way that Sweta does" Laid-off  


"After taking this course I got emails and Inmails from recruiters which was never the case before. I got 3 interviews within 1 month and got hired after" Newcomer 


"Within 1 day of working on my branded LinkedIn, I got approached by the recruiters for interviews" Hired in a leadership role.




Check our success stories 


7 Steps to LinkedIn Branding

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