What Is Not Personal Branding?

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What Is Personal Branding?

The last time we all heard about Personal Branding was in textbooks, right?

Why are we clueless after graduation when it comes to applying in our own life?

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What is not Personal Branding?

Not your “title”

Not your “job”

Not “what you do”

Not “Marketing”

Not “publicity”

Not “Bragging or boasting about you”

What is Personal Branding?

Why are you unique?

When you are not in the room, what do people say about you?

Your footprints left behind impact you to deliver the task or value.

Sometimes personal branding could be your stories of failures that inspired other people.

Everyone has personal branding, it is just a matter of reflecting on your strength & weaknesses and defining a niche.

Personal branding needs to be consistent, you need to show up at right time in the right places

For jobseekers- Research on the pain you could solve for your targeted title. Research on current ongoing hot buttons such as “COVID-19." Employers are shifting the gear to the new world to cope up with a challenge. How can you solve their needs?

Provide solutions to your future boss's pain. Everyone complains about the problem, be a solution to your future boss when targeting for a specific role. Start writing and talking 24/7 about your niche and what you offer which others can’t. Employers hire you because you are not like other job seekers.

Be everywhere in social media where you're targeted employers are!

Be the same person everywhere on social media. Keep talking about your niche!

Personal branding takes time, it takes months of consistency. There is no success overnight. It takes years to build a personal brand and second to lose the brand.

Slow and steady will win the race, be patient. Show up and just write on things that matter to your future employers.

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