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Why Teachndo?

Teachndo was officially launched after Sweta Regmi, Founder & CEO, developed Job Search Strategy for her when she was laid off from a leadership role. Sweta Regmi is a seasoned leader, with experience of more than 20 years in corporate mixed with non-profit employment services. Sweta moved up from an entry-level role at the bank to the hiring role with 9 promotions within 12 years. She teaches her lived and tested career strategy to career professionals through Teachndo. Sweta's insights have been featured in CBC News, City News, Toronto Sun Forbes, LinkedIn News, Canadian Immigrant Magazine and many more.

Jobscan "Sweta is definitely open about her experiences. Her content weaves her personal story, background, and experience throughout her tips. She knows how to help others with her LinkedIn advice because she’s been there before. This makes her content—her written posts and videos—relatable as well as informative." Read more here #10 Sweta Regmi

Sweta got laid off after working in a leadership role for more than a decade. She had knowledge of the hiring world but found the gap in hiring industries as a career professional. The journey of job searching was much more painful than she thought. Job searching became challenging when Sweta moved to a different city, where she had no networks. She had to build her networks from scratch. She developed a Job Search Strategy framework then tested strategies, secured multiple interviews & offers. Sweta ended up negotiating multiple offers. She found another leadership role within the top bank. Eventually, Sweta resigned from her leadership role to make an impact on the Jobseeker's lives. Sweta teaches a 1:1 live online Job Search Strategy to Career Professionals who are experienced immigrants and newcomers to Canada including the career professionals who are laid off, dealing with ageism, and those who want to go where they are celebrated.

What sets us apart as a consultant is the level of one-on-one customized ongoing support you receive from us. We become your partner, guiding you through how to find job leads, and market you within our networks so that you land a dream job.

Our session is customized as per job seeker’s need & their willingness to reach their full potential. We don’t believe in “One Size Fits All”.

Teachndo was born with sympathy & empathy for job seekers. We have a Have Them At Hello framework which helps our clients land a targeted role within a short period of time. Check our testimonials. Job seekers could do everything right but that one thing they overlook could cost them their future dream role. Our team has been helping build job seekers’ futures within the community for years. Check our services.

This is where job seekers are struggling

Our clients have successfully landed dream roles, due to their leadership experience and tested job search strategies. Job search is a step-by-step process from a Marketing plan, Resume, Cover letter, Personal branding, LinkedIn make-over, and Interview preparation.

A Good Resume is a key step to getting noticed by employers once the resume parses through ATS. Job search is all about, what you do before and after that job posting. You can’t rush the job search, you have to know do’s and don’ts during the job search process. One little mistake can cost your future. Let the expert help you, contact us.

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