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Sweta Regmi, Founder and CEO , Teachndo, Top Speaker in Canada, Career coach, Personal Branding expert in Canada

One Size Doesn't Fit All Group Program

 My step-by-step crumb by crumb, lived and tested career and branding strategy to land a targeted career, get your lost confidence back in a short period and make more money than before without a large network or costly upgrades. 


Sweta Regmi, Founder & CEO, Career Consultant Canada on CBC National News
Sweta Regmi, Founder and CEO, Career Consultant in Canada, interview with global news
Sweta Regmi, CEO Teachndo on CNBC
Sweta Regmi, Founder & CEO, Career Consultant, Guest Speaker in CTV News
Sweta Regmi,Founder & CEO of Teachndo, Career Consultant, Canada featured in Rogers media,
Sweta Regmi Top Career Expert in Canadafeatured on Fox 26 News
Sweta Regmi, Career Expert in Canada featured on LinkedIn News, LinkedIn Top Voice
Sweta Regmi, CEO Teachndo, Career Expert on Forbes
Sweta Regmi, CEO Teachndo, Career Expert  on Wall Street Journal
Sweta Regmi, CEO Teachndo, Career Expert on HuffPost
Featured in Daily Mail News, Sweta Regmi, Founder and CEO, Teachndo, Top Career Expert in
Sweta Regmi, CEO, Founder, TeachndoCareer Consultant in Canada in Financial Post
Sweta Regmi, Founder and CEO, Career Consultant, Teachndo on windsor StarThe_Globe_and_Mai

This Could Be Your Inspiring Success Story 


In a world where traditional career paths are paved with barriers, it's easy to feel discouraged when shopping for a job. 


But what if I told you that you don't need a large network or expensive credentials to land your dream job and secure high-paying promotions even if English is not your first language? 


That's exactly what our One Size Doesn't Fit All Group Program is all about – empowering you to break free from the limitations imposed by outdated norms.

Hi, I'm Sweta

I've walked the path you're on.


I am recognized today as a career expert. But a few years ago, I found myself in a very different situation. Do you feel trapped in a cycle of missed opportunities, especially when English isn't your first language?  It's a common struggle, one that I intimately understand. English wasn't my first language, and my communication skills weren't the best. Imagine feeling like you're perfect for a job, but no one notices. You look around and see people in top positions who aren't any better than you. It's frustrating to keep proving yourself and still get told 'not yet' or even ignored.

Now, think about being paid less than others who do the same job, feeling like you can't speak up for yourself. Even if you do get promoted, it feels like more work without more pay. I've been through all of this. So if you're nodding along because you've experienced similar frustrations in your job search or a career, know that you're not alone.

Even though I didn't have many connections or fancy degrees, I made it. I started with basic jobs as an immigrant and ended up getting nine promotions in 12 years, leading teams in big companies.

But it wasn't easy. Now, I'm here to help you break free from feeling stuck and overlooked. You don't have to keep doubting yourself. You deserve success, and I can show you the path with proven steps that have yielded results for both myself and numerous clients.

Sweta Regmi, Founder and CEO Teachndo, Career Coach Canada, Certfied Career and Resume Str

Is this you? 



You’re sitting before your computer, the glow on your hopeful face. You’ve sent out countless resumes tailoring for a million times, trying to decode the secret formula that will unlock the door to your dream job. Yet the silence on the other end is creating self-doubt. The rejection emails, when they do come, have no feedback, each one smashing your ambition.


Have you been in this situation?  It’s the pain of seeing your qualifications overlooked, the struggle of not being promoted? 

It's a frustrating cycle – feeling ready for that next career step, only to be met with closed doors,  missed opportunities and getting stuck. 

What if I told you

The problem is not you but your perception and branding strategy! 

Exposing Enemy 

The Gatekeeper!

This isn’t a person, but a symbol of the barriers that stand between job seekers and their goals. The Gatekeeper is the faceless bureaucracy and biases including automated resume filters, and the cold AI algorithms in interviews, which discard the human element. 

Misinformation that seems hell-bent on reducing your worth such as 80-90% of jobs aren't posted, online applications don't work, and ATS swallows your resume—wrong!

You need a large network and costly degrees/ credentials for limitless promotions—lies!

Let's call it what it is 


It's the misconception that success is reserved for those with large connections or prestigious credentials or native English-speaking backgrounds.

But here's the reality: success is not limited to a select few – it's available to anyone willing to challenge these false beliefs to land the right role, the right pay, and live the better lifestyle. 

You Want Big Magic Solution


It is all about having an ambitious community of people going through the same journey as you to support you and having a mentor who has lived and tested experience to guide you all the way until you see success. 

Experience the strength of our supportive community and the power of group dynamics as you embark on a 10-week journey toward career success. Join our transformative mentorship program tailored for career professionals ready to shape their narrative and brand.

You Want Community

In our vibrant group of motivated individuals, you'll find the encouragement and guidance needed to ignite your path to success. Led by an experienced hiring manager, our program offers personalized support and strategic branding strategies to help you overcome obstacles and reach your goals.

Take charge of your future with confidence and purpose. Together, let's achieve your dreams. Join our community and discover the impact of group support on your career journey.

Imagine a future....

Picture waking up to a world where your skills are in high demand.


You walk into a room, you’re greeted with smiles and a chorus of “You are hired!”


Your inbox is full of job offers, each better than the last, and you have the luxury of choice.


The struggle is over, and your career is just beginning to soar. It’s a new dawn, a new day, and you’re feeling good.


Where you're recognized and valued for your unique talents, and job opportunities or limitless promotions.


It's not just a dream – it's a tangible reality within your reach.


But here's the best part – you don't have to navigate this journey alone.




With our One Size Doesn't Fit All Group Program, you'll gain access to a like-minded cheerleading community, a wealth of job search resources and career support, including customized mentoring sessions, career clarity, learn how to structure your resume, interview, LinkedIn so you can grab the eyeballs, steal the hearts AND get job offers. This course tells you exactly what to do to get into the preferred list of employers, get them to share job leads, land interviews, and then take them to say, “You are hired”. Join our exclusive cohort of motivated individuals, and together, let's ignite the trajectory of your success. It's time to craft your future with confidence and purpose - let's make it happen together!

Picture yourself...



Waking up each morning excited to tackle the day, knowing that you have the tools and unshakeable confidence and clarity to overcome any career obstacle that comes your way. No more feeling held back by false beliefs or limitations – just confidence and clarity as you pursue your career goals.

Inside The One Size Doesn't Fit All Vault Community

You Get


Customized 10 Weekly Sessions: Embrace our weekly ritual that not only centers you individually but also strengthens the communal bond within our like-minded group.

1 monthly hot seat.

Access to the community and check-ins. 


TIY Resume Course for 1 Year: Master the art of crafting a standout resume that gets noticed.


Interview Vault & Mock Interviews Videos: Prepare for success with insider tips and practice sessions. Salary negotiations guide. 

Access to 1:1 Interview Prep Previous Recordings: Learn from real-life examples and expert insights


Case Study Interview Guide: Unlock the secrets to acing even the toughest interviews.

Templates: Outreach Samples, Thank You Notes, Follow-up, and Salary Negotiations: Streamline your job search with our proven templates and scripts


9+ E-books: Dive deep into topics like resume writing, LinkedIn optimization, interview strategies, personal branding, and effective networking scripts. 


25+ Bite-Size Videos (6 hours+): Learn on the go with our library of bite-sized video lessons.


Membership Rate for 1:1 Sessions



Access to Updated Content for 1 Year: Stay ahead of the curve with our constantly evolving resources and strategies. Access to recording. 


LinkedIn Profile Branding & Effective Networking Sc : How to end up on recruiters' lists and get job leads


Personal Branding Vault with Tools & Resources: Elevate your brand presence. Templates of bio, media kit, public speaking guide, content creations,  and many more. 


Resume & LinkedIn Profile Audit (value $1500): Receive personalized feedback and recommendations to make your profiles shine.


Access to Job Leads within Our Network: Tap into the right network opportunities.

Access to List of Job Sites/Recruiters: Expand your job search horizons with our curated list of resources.

Reshape not only individual perspectives but contribute to the collective intelligence and shared growth of the community.




300+ Free Resources: Job search plan and tracker worksheets. Access a treasure-curated list of Job search websites, resources, done-for-you presentation templates, and tools at your fingertips.

Exclusive Access to Expert Insights: Stay informed and inspired with our curated genius collection.

30-60-90 Days Prep Sheet: Map out your career goals and action plan with our comprehensive prep sheet.

​Value is over $17500!


All this and more, are available to you for a fraction of the investment.



Career Clarity Call with Sweta (value $1000): Gain clarity and direction before starting to work on the self-paced course and our 1:1 sessions (ends on May 29)


Access an exclusive 45-minute career promotion video where I share insider secrets to fast-track your career growth. I was paid as the speaker by a B2B partner. Now, you get it as part of the program (value $5000) 

Gain access to an exclusive 45-minute personal branding video, where I reveal strategies to craft a compelling personal brand that sets you apart from the competition. This video features insights I shared as a paid speaker for a B2B partner. Now, it's included in the program for you to benefit from. (value $5000) 

Access to industry expert session videos: Public Speaking, Communication skills, Manifestation, and many more  (10 hrs +)  

Course Breakdown with my Signature

4 step Rich Model

TIY Self Paced On Line Resume Course
Personal Branding E-Book
Sweta Regmi, Career Expert. Teachndo
Effective Networking E-Book
resume book
LinkedIn Optimization E-Book
Cover Letter Sample
Resume Writing Guide
Marketing Plan ebook
Interview Prep Guide E-Book

300+ Free Resources

25 + Bite Size Videos (6 hr+)


4-step Rich Model



You will  use 10 steps of marketing plan with 7 Cs of career clarity.


You will identify SWOT and skill gaps to move ahead.


You will create storytelling and branding with CARL model.

Have them at Hello

You will use PARC hook and execute to land targeted career. 


Utilize the 7 Cs of Career Clarity alongside marketing templates and SWOT analysis to establish a solid foundation for your job search. Address mindset barriers and self-doubt to foster confidence and clarity, ensuring alignment with your career aspirations.

Lessons 3

Master the art of aligning with employer and hiring manager needs effectively. Cultivate confidence to become the preferred candidate by implementing a 7-step networking strategy designed to secure interviews. Enhance your ability to secure interviews by strategically connecting with key stakeholders and showcasing your suitability.

Lesson 7 (Bonus)

Uncover effective strategies for navigating probation periods successfully and securing raises. Implement personalized 30-60-90 days plans to excel in your role. Acquire techniques for earning promotions and achieving top performance ratings. Develop a roadmap for career progression, ensuring consistent growth, recognition, and advancement within your organization 

Lesson 1

Gain insights into both hard and soft skills, transferable skills, and essential tools. Acquire knowledge about job postings, understanding job families, and navigating career ladders to tailor your marketing documents and resume effectively. Implement a strategic approach using AI tools to enhance your job search strategy. 

Lesson 4

Implement the 7 Ps of personal branding strategies to elevate your visibility and reputation within your industry, positioning yourself as the go-to talent for long-term success. Establish a strong personal brand that enhances your professional standing, leading to increased recognition, opportunities, and career advancement within your field.

Weekly & monthly check-in Calls + Community

Participate in weekly sessions offering personalized support and Q&A. Benefit from ongoing assistance and check-ins.  Access a wealth of resources including templates, scripts, e-books, videos, and over 40 free tools to streamline your career development journey.

Lessons 2

Craft a compelling LinkedIn profile to attract potential employers and secure job leads. Develop impactful branding statements showcasing your achievements and contributions. Increase visibility to employers and enhance job leads through a strong LinkedIn presence tailored to highlight your professional value.

Lesson 5 & 6

Master communication using the CARL and PARC interview frameworks to confidently handle difficult questions, while employing public speaking and presentation strategies to distinguish yourself. Secure job offers and negotiate salary and perks with confidence. Acquire the skills to excel in interviews, stand out as a candidate, and successfully negotiate offers.

Enroll today and take the first step towards rewriting the rules of your career.

Still not convinced?


Rest assured, your satisfaction is our top priority. Hear from our satisfied clients who have overcome these same barriers to achieve remarkable success with our program.

I Don't Mean to Brag, But I Know a Thing About Being the top talent


HERE'S WHY PEOPLE keep making an impossible dream possible 

What are our clients saying about ROI? 

Rajesh, Finance Operations Manager Featured in the news landed 6 figures in 5 sessions. 

"By the 5th week had landed a job.
Not just an ordinary job but was offered a 6-figure salary and a bonus! This was way beyond my expectations! 5 weeks or rather 5 hours with Sweta and I have got my confidence back. I highly recommend Sweta not only to newcomers but to everyone who wants to restart or grow in their careers! Thank you Sweta! You’re awesome!"


Rishi,PMP, Project Manager

"I just cannot stress enough about how good Sweta is at what she does. I would highly recommend newcomers struggling to find their way in Canada to work with Sweta and take her guidance as a career expert. I applied all the techniques that she taught me. Thank you so so much Sweta! I followed her tips and guidance and damn! I got into a six-figure role within one year of moving to Canada! This is something I really dreamt of, and it has become a reality all thanks to you.  I owe a significant portion of my success to Sweta's impeccable guidance and expertise."  



Mayukh, Director 

"Sweta is an outstanding mentor in the field of career consulting. I learnt valuable lessons regarding resume tailoring, cover letter writing and interviewing for job applications. Sweta is highly knowledgeable and speaks from her own rich and varied experience. Glad I attended her programme, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for quality guidance regarding job search and interviewing." 

A client who took free funded employment bridging services said " it was a waste of time"

Teachndo, Featured in CBC.
Testimonial for Sweta Regmi, Teachndo, Career and Resume services



Soumya, a Business Analyst went to employment services too before hiring me. 

"Sweta is an exceptional Career Consultant. The level of targeted practical advice she offers is extremely valuable. She always has suggestions that are on point. Spot on with her advice on using LinkedIn, networking and interviewing, found it highly informative. She understands how to leverage LinkedIn better than anyone I have met. She offers great insights to help her clients. Sweta genuinely cares about ensuring her client's success." 

Testimonial Teachndo, Resume Services



Tarmo, Deputy Chief, Executive

"There are few people I have met that provide the value with the way that Sweta does. I am so grateful for all of the help.The end product was new and improved me. Someone who was now willing to take chances with people and connect like never before. Sweta provided coaching and cheerleading all the while making me look much better on paper - I dare say great which is true; however, in this case, it was Sweta that created the value that led from “good to great.” 

Isra, CIPD, HR Manager


If you are looking to identify precise areas in your career or stand out, Sweta is definitely the one! Sweta is an excellent Coach on all levels and she is a definite lifesaver.  I would say that she was a great support and an eye-opener for me during sessions She will not only prepare you for the interview, she will highlight all the details that will allow you to excel in any interview. What I was amazed about is how she is highly aware of the market and not only in Canada but in the Middle East as well. She is also a great person and had given me lots of support during my transitional phase one from one job to another.



Feaz, P.Eng, Manager, hired me after his 3rd layoff.  

I chose to work with Teachndo over bigger name outplacement as there was a personal touch and more value provided. Sweta's group works with you on a personal level to target skills and content to better land you an interview. Her full package offers much, and I would recommend it. She is passionate about what she does and has the experience that is relatable.As well, I appreciated her availability as required and I continue to stay in touch. The work resulted in an offer I accepted.



From temp jobs to CPA & 40% +  Salary increase   

"As an introvert,  One Size Doesn't Fit All Career Strategy was the best investment to get my confidence back.  I learned the strategy used in the class and applied it for my new role and promotions and CPA to write Case studies using the CARL framework from the sessions. Having a mentor like Sweta was the best investment to live the Canadian dream" 



Vishnu, PMP, Project Manager hired another coach before me but hired me after not getting results. 

"Sweta taught me how to leverage the niche in my profile to maximize visibility to recruiters. My resume became more structured, and it started getting more recruiter calls and interviews. I had a couple of offers to choose from. Sweta is a taskmaster and at the same time fun to work with. I would definitely recommend her coaching services to all those who are looking for their next career move." 

Testimonial Teachndo

Ajit, Professor & BI Specialist


Now a professor teaching Data & landed a role in Government. 

I had the pleasure of learning from Sweta who was my mentor. I was one of her clients who was frustrated from applying to jobs and getting no response. She taught me the finer way to write a resume. One of the most significant contributions of Sweta was her guidance in building a strong personal brand. She enlightened me on the importance of presenting myself as a distinguished professional, both online and offline. Throughout our partnership, Sweta demonstrated unwavering support, patience, and a genuine commitment to my success. Her profound knowledge of the job market and the ability to tailor guidance to individual needs were truly commendable. She possesses the rare ability to unlock your full potential and empower you to achieve your dreams. It's without hesitation that I recommend Sweta if you're looking for the best coach for a job search.

Risk-Free and Impossible to fail! 


With 'One Size Doesn't Fit All', failure is simply not an option. We are so confident in its effectiveness that we assure you'll witness results within the next 6 months, or even sooner. And if not, we'll persist in our efforts until you secure those offers. Your success is our priority, eliminating any risk on your part.


Our Results 

5 star ratings from clients

98% landed dream role in 10-60 days 

$1.5 Million + in salary increases 

Created Job Shoppers 

2 to 4 times promotion within 2-3 years

Clients hired in top companies in 40+ industries. 

Clients featured in top media with a success story 

Global clients in 40+ industries.