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TIY Free Resume Class, Teachndo


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career test uses Myers and Briggs' theory




7 c's of career clarity

80/20 rule

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How employers match your skills in their hiring system


Teachndo Testimonial
Testimonial Teachndo

Hi, I'm Sweta Regmi, Founder & CEO, Teachndo

 The ex-hiring manager from award-winning companies with experience in sourcing, recruiting & coaching turned into a Top 25 Career Expert, and Certified Career & Résumé Strategist.

In this resume course, I am teaching you techniques "have them at hello in 10 secs" leading to getting job interviews. 


My insights are featured in leading media outlets. Read here ⬇️ 

Sweta Regmi, Founder & CEO, Certified Career and Resume Strategist
Sweta Regmi, Top Career Expert in Canada, Founder & CEO, Teachndo in media and guest speak
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Sweta Regmi, Career Expert in Canada, LinkedIn Top Voice in Career Development Coaching, Job Search Strategies, Int
Sweta Regmi LinkedIn Top Voice in Career
Testimonial Sweta Regmi, Teachndo
Testimonial for Teachndo, , Resume Services Canada
Teachndo Testimonial
Testimonial for Resume Writing for Sweta Regmi, Teachndo, Resume Services Canada
Testimonial Sweta Regmi,Resume services
3 offers job offers
Testimonials Clients, offers from top companies, Teachndo
Testimonial Teachndo
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