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Resume Guide eBook

Resume Guide eBook


Are you qualified for the role for you haven't heard from employers? 

Download our Resume e-book which has a step-by-step guide with directions and samples.  

Resume writing guide for 2023!


49 pages!



Resume tips
Insights on Applicant tracking system (ATS)

Checklist for ATS 
Resume Header recommendation
Profile or Summary Statement examples
Professional Career History examples
Education and Professional Development examples
Volunteer or Community Involvement examples
Action verbs list for resume
Accomplishment statement examples 

Resume screenshot with a step-by-step direction 

Includes examples for senior career professionals to avoid ageism

Includes sample examples for a recent grad with or without an internship

Tips for newcomers to Canada

Video link on how to address a career break/layoffs/employment gap
Microsoft hacks to format resume

Chat GPT videos for resume writing 


Not included: Resume Template ADD NOW! 


The exact template has landed multiple interviews with top employers.

Success stories 


One stop for resume writing which is a popular course

Enroll in a self-paced TIY Resume course! 


Our Resume Guide eBook is the perfect guide to help you write a professional resume that stands out from the rest. It includes helpful advice on how to structure your resume, what to include, and tips for highlighting your unique skills and qualifications. It also offers step-by-step instructions on creating a digital version of your resume that is sure to make an impact. With our Resume Guide eBook, you'll have the tools you need to create a resume that stands out and get the job you want.



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