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An interview preparation guide with 100 + questions

Includes STAR, PARC, CAR, and CARL interview format questions and sample directions/ answers.

The video link is attached to the e-book to go over the interview examples 


Sample PARC framework to tell me about yourself 

Sample answers for why did you leave/ resign?

How to answer long-term goal

Answers for if you were fired and laid off 

20+ smart questions to ask during a job interview as a candidate

Answer to Are you interviewing other places?

How to answer questions related to salary expectations 

How to answer about strengths and weakness with examples 

How to address the career gap tips and the video resources for resume, LinkedIn, Interview

Tips on Asynchronous video interview(AVI), one-way interview

Samples of 2 follow-up emails 

Free Interview resources and tools 

AI  tools and resources in your hand

Chat GPT prompts for interview & salary negotiations


Real interview questions asked by employers 

Sample Behavioural Interview questions which outline key actions to focus on

Non-behavioural questions examples 

Technical questions examples 

Leadership questions examples 

Interview etiquette 


Download the digital ebook right after the order! 



Interview Guide E-Book

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C$10.00Sale Price
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