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Not getting responses from your networks?

You don't know how to start the conversation?

Try this networking template!


LinkedIn and email networking template, copy and paste based on your situation!

Reaching out to Hiring managers as job seekers.

Requesting for Informational Interview for future employers guide.



LinkedIn networking template- Reaching out to Hiring managers
The key person within the department who might have other connections
Requesting Informational interviews for future employers
CONTACTING A RECRUITER or hiring manager ABOUT A SPECIFIC JOB before applying
Cover letter type of emails (not the cover letter)
CONTACTING A RECRUITER or hiring manager ABOUT A SPECIFIC JOB after applying
After the invitation is accepted by the hiring manager
Providing heads up to the Hiring manager directly before the interview
Email or LinkedIn message
when you know the job was posted and the person is a decision-maker
When there is no job posting, this is for your targeted employer in the future to build a network before the job posting
Going through known mutual friend referral
Going to your known network within the same industry or someone who you think can help in the future to land a role
Networking questions
Icebreakers questions
Your notes!
Bonus Tips!

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