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Job boards & Free resources for newcomers in Canada

100+ job boards including remote jobs in Canada

Canada plans to bring 1.24 million new immigrants by 2024. Are you ready to research and apply for immigration?

Welcome to Teachndo - Empowering Immigrant Professionals to Succeed!

Discover Teachndo, your partner in career empowerment for immigrant professionals. Founded by Sweta, a Certified Career and Résumé Strategist with a wealth of experience in guiding individuals toward career success, Teachndo is your go-to destination for achieving your professional goals.

At Teachndo, we understand the unique challenges faced by immigrant professionals in navigating the job market and building successful careers in new countries. With Sweta's personal journey from survival jobs to achieving 9 promotions in just 12 years, coupled with her background as a hiring authority in top Canadian companies, we offer invaluable insights into career progression and promotion strategies.

Our mission is clear: to empower immigrant professionals like you to thrive in your careers and personal brands. Whether it's crafting powerful personal brands, mastering interview techniques, or developing strategic career promotion plans, Teachndo is committed to providing you with the tools and guidance you need to succeed.

With a focus on practical, results-driven solutions, Teachndo is rewriting the success stories of immigrant professionals one step at a time. Join us on this journey towards six-figure success, without the need for extensive networks or costly credentials. Unlock your career branding with Teachndo and let's navigate together!

Sweta Regmi, Career Expert interviewed on CBC

Labour Market Information for Canada

Beware of LMIA scams, see examples shared by a licensed immigration consultant.

How to find sponsored LMIA jobs, TN visa in Canada, the H1-B visa sponsorship in the States, and worldwide. Check here

100 + Job Boards/Job posting Sites in Canada (mentoring program) (Engineers) (Engineers) (Engineers) (mechanical engineers) (Architects) (Project Managers) (Nurses) (Nurses) (Physicians/Doctors) (Physicians/Doctors) (Physicians/Doctors)

Internship Job posting site

 (Peel-Dufferin Catholic District School Board)

Remote Job posting sites

Remote Jobs in Programming, Marketing, Support, and More.

Job fairs

Immigration Canada FAQ (post arrival)

Hiring a permanent foreign worker information

Check the immigration links below from the government of Canada to understand the immigration pilot. (The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials) (find prearrival service) (Canadian Technology Immigrant Network) (newcomer help) (program and events)

Free courses or Webinars

Project Management Course

Colleges & Universities Canada

Credit Information Canada

(Free credit score)

Outsourced for call-center

Salary in States for H1B


Want to work for Startups?

For university students in Canada

Salary info

Who is hiring?

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