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7 ways to overcome ageism in the workforce?

One of the hardest-hit groups in the labour market throughout the COVID-19 pandemic could be those aged 55 and older.

The conclusion of a 2011 Statistics Canada study concerning the last three recessions found that in a severe economic downturn, a higher proportion of older Canadians with greater seniority were laid off compared to their younger counterparts. An employer cannot fire/lay off an older worker because of their age. That would make the termination discriminatory and a violation of the employee’s human rights under the Human Rights Code.

Millions of working Canadians have seen their employment impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Canadian employers were actively recruiting for an estimated 815,800 positions in June 2021 but yet tenure career professionals are having a hard time landing the interviews and job offers.

Are there myths for older career professionals?

  • Older workers are counting the days until retirement

  • Older workers don’t have up to date skills

  • Older workers dislike reporting to younger managers

  • Older workers are not coachable and high-maintenance

  • Older workers are not quick learners, they are slow at learning new things.

  • Older workers are not flexible with a quick change

  • Older workers have a hard time with change management

  • Older workers will only accept high salaries

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