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Free 5-Day Workshop to Get Hired 

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Career Strategy.

Stand out despite self-doubt & imposter syndrome by going where your talent is celebrated without being a cultural fit but a culture add. 


Sweta Regmi, Founder & CEO, Teachndo, Top Career and Resume Expert in Canada
Sweta Regmi, Top Career Expert in Canada, Founder & CEO, Teachndo in media and guest speak
Client Testimonials for Teachndo

🌟 Workshop Schedule🌟

Get ready to unlock doors you never thought possible!
Free resume review & LinkedIn checklist for lucky winners who join live & engage.

 Monday Day 1 • 7 Cs 🚀

 Explore the 7 Cs framework to gain a deeper understanding of your career

Tuesday Day 2 • Building habits & Marketing Plan 🚀

Powerful marketing plan template to effectively promote yourself to potential employers. 

Wednesday Day 3 • Goal & Vision 🚀

 Difference between your goal and the vision 

 Thursday Day 4 • 7 Ps of personal branding 🚀

7 Ps to create a compelling personal brand that captivates employers, leaving an impression.

 Friday Day 5 • Resume & Interview Framework, how do they score you? 

Learn CAR, Sample interview used by top employers & Salary conversation.

 Saturday  Day 6 • Q & A with me! 

As a valued participant, you will be given a workbook which is only available for a limited time, and a sneak peek at our upcoming course, "One Size Doesn't Fit All Career Strategy." This comprehensive program is designed specifically for immigrant job seekers, providing advanced strategies, invaluable resources, and personalized coaching to propel your career to new heights. By joining our free workshop, you will be among the first to gain an exclusive sneak peek into this groundbreaking upcoming course.

Who should join? 

 Qualified Newcomers to Canada stuck on survival jobs dealing with no Canadian experience rejection. 

Experienced Immigrants who will be landing soon in Canada. 

Immigrants who have applied for PR/work permit in Canada. 

Overlooked for career promotion and want to switch.

Want to quit and go where you are celebrated? 

Lay off survivors with career breaks & dealing with ageism. 


Say goodbye to setbacks and embrace a future brimming with possibility.

Free Bonus for Lucky Live Attendees Only! 

Our Results 

5 star ratings from clients

98% landed dream role in 10-60 days 

$1.5 Million + in salary increases 

Created Job Shoppers 

2 to 4 times promotion within 2-3 years

Clients featured in top media with a success story 

Clients hired in top companies in 40+ industries. 

Global clients in 40+ industries. 

Past Clients as a Guest Speaker.
Stories of transformation...

Testimonial Teachndo

Project Consultant

Mutiple offers with 6 figure as a newcomer within months.

Client testimonial for Sweta Regmi, Career Consultant

Isra, CIPD
HR Manager at Amazon

Hired at Amazon after Layoff.

Testimonials for Teachndo

Feaz P.Eng
Manufacturing Excellence Manager

Ex GE, Laid off 3 times and bounced back.

Career Coaching Executive Teachndo


Newcomer was headhunted .

Testimonial for Sweta Regmi for career coaching  in Canada

Rey, CPA
Senior FA 

Headhunted for the remote role with 40%+ salary bump, and promoted!

Testimonial Teachndo

Senior Operation Manager

Promoted, Pivoted & Changed Career 

Testimonial Teachndo Noyo


Hired at the top bank and promoted 5+ times

Testimonial Teachndo

Souganthika, CFA,CPA,CGA
Senior Auditor 

Newcomer,1st job in Canada, Deloitte & promotion!

Testimonial Teachndo

Zayd, EIT 
Project Specialist 

Newcomer with offers & promotion with $$ +

Teachndo Testimonial

Property Accountant

From self-doubt as a newcomer to offers in 20 days, headhunted with 45%+ salary, became a job shopper!

Teachndo Testimonial B

Bharat, CA 
Accounting Manager 

Promoted to the leadership role 

Sweta Regmi, Career Expert in Canada, LinkedIn Top Voice in Career Development Coaching, Job Search Strategies, Int
Sweta Regmi LinkedIn top voice Career Coaching & Interview & Job Search Strategies

Featured in 100+ top media

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