7 Steps To Networking Course

7 Steps To Networking Course



How to get hidden jobs without applying online? 

How to be on the preferred list of employers? 

This class covers it all with after support for 2 weeks!

How to effectively network and as a job seeker when reaching out to hiring managers or recruiters with real scenarios! 

Be a Networking GURU even if you are an Introvert or Shy!

Get job offers with the tested networking approach that works 

The right way to ask for an informational interview with your future boss

The consultant will discuss career history and targeted role

The consultant will assign prep work

You get personalized service

You will have a personal cell phone number to connect with a consultant, until the
assignment is completed

LinkedIn job search tips networking tips

How to reach out to decision-makers by using value-added presentation(VAP) 

Review support for the value-added presentation 

How to send personalize invite samples 

How to scan profiles of the hiring managers and what to say, real scenarios! 

Real Samples & templates (21 pages +)