One Size Doesn’t Fit All (Gold)

One Size Doesn’t Fit All (Gold)


Your Job search stops here!

 Lack of confidence? directionless? self-doubt? no results in your job search?


One Size Doesn't Fit All (Gold) package

12 weeks of support / 12 hours / Monthly Laser coaching until you land the role!


We will write a Resume, Cover letter and LinkedIn profile.


Why are we different?


Career professionals who have taken courses with our competitors including the outplacement, employment services, and bridging program come to us for help.


Why us?

Most Career Consultants/Coaches have not worked in the hiring world, and we have worked in the hiring world for over a decade!

Ex-hiring manager turned into your Consultant will be teaching you Job Search Strategy!

This course is not only about job search, the course is about career transformation for life!


This course is not only about job search, the course is about career transformation for life!


You will be mentored by a Hiring manager Sweta Regmi Top Job Search Expert to follow on LinkedIn named by Jobscan, Featured on Forbes and LinkedIn News!


You will learn how to market yourself with the help of previous award-winning sales coach from top companies


Don't take our words for it!


You get results EVEN IF you have NO CANADIAN EXPERIENCE. Click here to hear our clients.

👉Ray "The job search strategy is a must-have. "I didn’t think I would ever land a job. I landed a dream role within a couple of weeks into the program. 

👉Pat, "I got multiple interviews and offers because of Gold package.  I made $40000 more & switched in pandemic.  I was in hospital for months and lost my self-esteem after accident but Teachndo helped me during difficult journey with personalized service."

Laid off?
👉Feaz, P.Eng, the hiring manager in Canada ditched renowned outplacement offered on his severance & hired us after his 3rd lay-off. He had taken services with our competitors in the past. In his own words, "they don't teach what you teach." "I am a tech-savvy and quick learner but this is a new approach is hands down" He bounced back within 2 weeks to the workforce right after working with us!


Check his interview here




The resume that will get interviews

Interviews that will get you multiple job offers




  • Resume Review to assess your gap and customize the course for you!
  • Marketing plan, SWOT Analysis, template included
  • Learn RICH model 
  • Personality tests
  • Resume course (Please The Bots & Eyes), master art of writing a resume to please bots & employers
  • Easier to parse Resume template focused on your targeted role 
  • The Cover letter with the story includes an editable word template and 9 + samples
  • Interview preparation coaching, real-world questions based on your industry
  • LinkedIn optimization & SEO, we show and teach using backend tools used by employers
  • LinkedIn branding, how to get employers on your profile. Taught by someone whose contents are viewed by millionsGets invited as a guest speaker by experts and media!
  • Effective Networking technique using real scenarios with pre-done scripts (20+pages).
  • We show how to be the preferred candidate.  Only 2%-5% land the interviews and get hired with an online application!
  • Value-added proposition (VAP) presentation deck training
  • Interview Preparation coaching, behaviour (STAR format), or role-play presentation (includes over 100 questions and direction 33 pages)
  • Interview follow-up and thank you note (samples included)
  • Salary negotiation role-play with pre-done samples
  • 9 e-books used during training (total value over $500)
  • Review support after each session 
  • Ongoing monitoring and mentoring support
  • 12+hours sessions broken into 12 weeks +
  • Job search planner templates, tools, videos, and resources (over 20+)
  • Refer you to our exclusive network (hiring managers & recruiters)
  • Provide job leads from our networks for free!


Gold offers 12 hours of sessions for 12 weeks of support!


  • Recording of all the sessions, two templates for resume and the cover letter
  • One Resume edits and writing on us, Cover letter edits and writing on us, LinkedIn writing on us.
  • Laser coaching 15mins monthly until you land the role 
  • 30-60-90 days assessment plan session to pass that probation period


We don’t have a Facebook private group coaching session.

You will be assigned a consultant!


No modules & prerecorded sessions!


The total value of over $15K but your get at the listed price!

Limited spots!

We only work with a few at the time, and you need to qualify for this course. 


Who should take this course?


Experienced qualified newcomers landed in Canada /planning to land soon. 


The course is taught by someone who has hired newcomers in top companies.

The hiring manager who worked in the global fortune 500 companies, now turned into your consultant!


Laid-off Career Professionals / seasoned qualified professional who goes through overqualified /ageism.


The course is taught by someone who was laid-off and got multiple offers with the same framework.


Career professionals who want to go where they are celebrated with more $$!


 We provide one-on-one customize One Size Doesn’t Fit All unique personalized 1:1 live class. 



Prices may vary for the Senior role / Senior leadership!