Live Interview To Get Hired

Live Interview To Get Hired


Live Mock Interview session with a hiring manager who worked in Fortune Global 500 Companies for over 13 years!


Hiring managers have hired us for the “MOCK JOB INTERVIEW PREPARATION” session!

Our clients have passed Interviews in top companies including Fortune 500-1000 companies!



"Your inputs were valuable, there is more to that"  applied for the Junior Leadership role and they offered senior leadership role. Team leader, newcomer 


"After struggling to pass the phone and in-person interview, I contacted Teachndo to sign up for one sesion aftr seeing Sweta's Youtube video and LinkedIn live.  I wish I had signed up with Sweta lot sooner. All this time I was thinking it was due to not having canadian experience.  During 1 hour she went over 12 questions without wasting time, the formula and interview hacks she provided was stuck on my mind. I got hired right after. It is the best investment for my career." Newcomer 


"Got hired at Microsoft after doing two sessions, thank you for the role-play presentation along with behavior interview preparation, everything came from the session we practice" Leadership role


"Sweta is a very helpful coach with full of valuable tips for interview cracking skills, She has great positive energy that helps to build the confidence to work on interview effectiveness." Executive senior leader


"I can't thank her enough for interview preparation. I landed a role after struggling to pass many rounds" Newcomer


"I passed 5 rounds of Interviews in Amazon and got hired just because 95% of the questions came from our sessions, Interview guide book added so much value with extra questions on top of our live session. I also got recorded tape after which I paid for and it was helpful to go over and see where I lacked when it came to body language, eye contact so many flaws, I never knew, worth every penny" 


"Failed phone screening more than 10 times, I thought it was lack of Canadian experience and when I had discovery call with Sweta, the first question she asked was tell me about yourself to test, she said it is my interview. I signed up for two lessons and got hired right after, the confidence and being able to relate with her interview guidance was the life time investment for me, when you do the session with her it is exactly like the real interview" newcomer 


Success stories click here 


One of the two formats based on the job description. 




Presentation assessment role play Interview

( you have to provide a presentation) 


1 hour & 15 mins

Online live one-on-one class with the hiring manager from the top companies


Customized interview based on your industry and the title you are targeting!

Real questions used by award-winning companies

The consultant will discuss career history

Job titles you are targeting or the job you are being interviewed for

Accomplishments stories 

Assignment for an online session ( send us Resume and the job posting) 

You get personalized customized service

You will learn to build confidence with on the spot feedback

We evaluate body language, online virtual setup, filler words, conversation flow, small talks, and many more interview etiquettes! 

Salary negotiation technique during prescreening, how to answer in a strategic way 

For a newcomer, we provide no Canadian experience rejection framework 

For laid-off and terminated professionals, we provide a strategy to overcome gaps & how to answer why did you leave

For the professionals who want to switch, we provide a framework on "why you want to leave" 

For recent grads, we provide a framework on how to address limited exposure to the workforce


PROMOTION e-book for interview guide included (value at $100)

Over 100  real questions asked by employers and HR with 33 pages.

Questions are prepared by a hiring manager and HR based on competencies asked by top companies! 


Recording available at an extra price. Must be ordered when booking the service. Get your recording and keep it with you!

 Add recording to this session click here. 


Price varies for leadership and senior roles, contact us  

We don’t do technical interviews, however, we will guide you on how to tie up to behavior questions.